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HP Pavilion a430n desktop computer

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Our HP Pavilion has been a very reliable tool.


With hesitation concerning the AMD Athlon processors, I purchased our HP Pavilion a430n January 8, 2004.  I was unsure of the processor, not knowing much about that technology.  According to some experts, computers are supposed to die by this age (over five years old). We have been very fortunate.  I use the computer daily and for long periods of time.  At times another of our family uses it for games, etc.  My wife and I use it, along with another HP Pavilion a1430n to do online research, make online payments, online purchases and to do our annual taxes with TurboTax.  For many years we have used Quicken on the computer to do all of our financial record keeping. We also produce and print flyers for religious educational purposes, parish picnic activites along with other fund raising events. We did have difficulties with our HP last April.  I took it to a local technician and he was able to restore the machine to the original factory setting.  We were able to copy everything to an external flash drive attached to an USB port.  So nothing was lost. Overall, we have been very satisfied with our desktop.  

Winfield, MO


HP Pavilion a430n desktop computer

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