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HP Photosmart 2575 All-In-One Printer

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Lots of functionality, some difficulty with paper loading


I've had this printer for a few months now. It is a very high quality printer for printing in black and white or color. Probably the biggest selling point is the versatility, as this is a printer/scanner/copier all in one. It has lots of functions, many of which I personally haven't used (I mainly use it just for everyday printing needs). But it's fast, quiet, and looks pretty nice. It's a little on the big side, but not nearly as big as other models that have all the same functionality. It folds up nicely to make it fit into a small space (like we have). It even has built-in networking capabilities, I believe, which I haven't actually used since it's only hooked up to our one home computer. The biggest problem with this printer is that the paper loading can be very finicky. If you put too many or too few pieces in the loading tray, the printer will have a hard time spooling and printing the pages. It will often grab more than one sheet at a time, or not be able to grab any of them, and it can get jammed easily. It's not too hard to correct, but it can be pretty annoying, so that is the big *caveat* to watch for. Otherwise, this printer provides lots of functionality in a decent size package. Performance Have encountered numerous problems, often needs tweaking or fixing to work properly Copy Quality Don't typically use for this function

Atlanta, GA


The worst printer out there


HP Photosmart 2575 Printer - This is the worst printer out there. For every page you want to print you must waste five pages that jam up in the printer. Then half the time I does not recognize that the paper is there. There must be some special paper that is only for use in this machine that I don't know about. No one out there should buy this printer at all.

Pittsburgh, PA


HP photosmart printer is easy to use!


I have had this printer for about 5 years and it works well. I think the HP photosmart printer has a good design. It is very easy to copy items. Reducing or enlarging, multiples to a page are all a breeze. The one thing I do not like is when I copy a picture. The problem is the colors do not come out true. The pictures often have a slight blue-ish tint to them, sometimes the kids skin tone looks strange. So, I get my pictures printed. The cartridges are somewhat expensive, at least to me. I am frugal. I do try to get them refilled at the local national chain drugstore, but they usually can't get the color cartridge to refill. The black ones will usually refill multiple times. I do purchase new color cartridges often. I do like the preview option on the printer screen. I can see what I am going to print, how many, the layout of the page etc., before I print. It saves on a lot of wasted photopaper! The HP photopaper, which is what works best for pictures, is also a little pricey.

Braidwood, IL


The HP P2575 All in on printer is everything you need and more.


I love the flip up screen!  It shows you the document before it sends it to the computer so you can make adjustments and get what you want the first time.  It makes scanning and even transfering images a breeze.  The ink cartridges are so easy to change out, it practically runs itself.  I think my up most favorite part is how easy it is to access all of your printer  information... right there on the printer!  To cool.

Johnson City, TX


Nice Features


This HP printer has some great features, like the memory card reader, the scanner, copier, printer, and many settings that you can adjust. The adjustments are fairly easy. The quality is very good. It doesn't really like the ink refill cartridges, but it works with them just fine. The copy function is great, all you have to do is slap it what you want to copy and hit the button, and you are done. HP does like to load you up with it's programs, but you don't have to use them, otherwise you have 10 HP programs in your windows startups, bogging down your computer. It is a very nice looking printer, mine is Silver, chrome with a gray bottom piece. It takes several sizes of paper and prints on pretty much everything. Business cards come out looking just like a print shop job. With photos, you can adjust on the fly with a proof sheet, zoom, adjust color, rotate, share and print. Quality is excellent depending on what kind of photo paper you use. When you put in a memory card, like mine from my camera, it pops right up, you don't have to load a program. You can view and print. The easy menu is right on the printer, easy to read, lights up, and you can scroll through several menus. You can do everything in black and white or color. For the cost, as long as you use refill cartridges, it is a decent printer. Doc.

Butte, MT


love it


I have had my printer for a few years now and it still works great!  This printer is very good quality and prints amazing pictures!  prints fast and works great!  good for the price.  recommend it for anyone. 

Herriman, UT


This printer is a great deal for the price.


The HP Photosmart 2575 is a great deal for the price.  It has a high resolution scanner, color copier and prints up to 30 ppm (black) and 24 ppm (color).  Of course, to actually get those speeds, you have to have the printer properties set to fast draft. In normal mode, it would be much slower.  Overall, it's a great deal.  It would be better if it could fax, too.

Pomona, CA


HP Photosmart 2575 All-In-One Printer

3.6 7