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HP Photosmart 1000 InkJet Printer

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The Lexmark X2480 inkjet printer/copier/scanner is quite useful.


I work in the Information Technology sector of State Government.  So, I know a lot about IT: hardware, software, and other things including network.  The Lexmark X2480 is my personal "at home" machine.  It features a copier, scanner and printer in one.  The only thing it won't do is fax.  That's okay because I don't need that feature or capability.  The one downside to this machine is that the cartridges are only available from Lexmark or Circuit City.  It takes a Lexmark #2 cartridge.  Fortunately, I don't do a lot of printing here at home.  It is an inkjet printer.  The upside to the cartridge is that it does give me about 100 pages per cartridge.  I'm only on the second cartridge since I got the machine earlier this year (it was actually an early birthday gift from my brother) but at the beginning of November, I went ahead and ordered a fresh cartridge from Circuit as the local store didn't have them in stock at the time.  I still have more than 50% of the second cartridge available.  As for the scanner part, it's very easy to use.  I was able to figure it out all by myself - didn't even have to read a manual or help tutorial.  I haven't tried copying on it yet, but I would think it should be just as easy to use.  Bottom line: I like this printer/copier/scanner!

Jackson, MS


All HP Printers, for a small desk top, are awesome.


As the person in my small office who orders all supplies, we have tried many desk top black and white printers.  All of the Hewlett Packard printers have lasted a long time, are fast, are not overly expensive and only take a medium priced laserjet cartridge.  No expensive toner drums to replace every three months or so (as we do for the Brother printers we have).  I highly recommend these desk top printers.

Beaverton, OR


HP Photosmart 1000 InkJet Printer

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