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HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition Espresso Black , Intel Core i7-720QM Processor (1.6G... PC Notebook

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I would buy this laptop again and again and again for ever


I see that this laptop is very good for gaming for business for any use that you want but its not that super laptop its can be batter by have more ram and graphics card the laptop can be super laptop for every one i use this laptop in my frind house and i saw that this laptop is the right laptop for me so thank you hp for this laptop

San jose, CA


Great while it lasted.


This was my dream machine. It did everything and did it fast. I use my computers for my home business and -- of course -- fun as well. Much of my business revolves around keeping my various websites updated. Thus, I use a web design software. I also use several other high-power usage software programs as well. So, I needed a computer with a lot of power. This one filled the bill. Unfortunately, it decided to just die on me. I think I drove it in the ground. It only lasted three years. Up until the day it died, I loved it. I even named it. So sad. Ease of Use Fast and I got it all. The keyboard gave out within a year, but was under warranty. So, I received one for free. The new keyboard was not the same and a bit more difficult to use. The keys were exactly where they should be. Loved Windows 7. Battery Life I didn't need to use the battery much since this was my desktop computer, but when I did, it worked well for about 5 hours. Support & Service When I needed service, I had help with very little work on my end. When my computer completely fried, there wasn't much left to do besides purchase a new one. Speed/Performance Very fast and worked well until it died. Design It was a beautiful machine, except for the keyboard. It was easy to keep clean and there was no glare on the screen. Durability It died too soon.

Davis, CA


Cheap HP for only stats


I chose this laptop only for its specifications. However, this laptop is far from impressive.  I'v seen many fellow classmates purchase these, but it feels poorly construted and it'snot very ergonomical.  The only reason many of these students buy it is because it's the cheapest i7 core on the market right now.  However, the nice price still runs very weird;y on the battery life, the consistancy, and the overall health of the laptop. What I mean by this is that the laptop does sometimes shuts down for me, at random.  And it does feelvery cheapy.  The syetem's speed still is functional, but i find that similar computers with the same stats perform better because of the overall build of it is so much more durable.  HP's computers are known to last the shortest so I would recommend only to purchase this if you really are on a really strict budget. Overall,the price is a wonderful factor but don't expect quality.

East Lansing, MI


HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition Espresso Black , Intel Core i7-720QM Processor (1.6G... PC Notebook

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