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HP Pavilion Desktop Computer

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Internal power cord keeps burning up!


I have only owned it since ausgust of 08. I have replaced the internal power cord 3 times and everytime the computer burns it up. Was told nothing anyone could do and I should just relace the pc. Sad....

Paige, TX


Exellent buy.


I was given this computer by my brother and had to have it serviced twice. I have had this for five years. I would recommend this brand of pc to anyone anytime. It is worth every penny spent. If you are looking for a slim pc then this is not the one for you. After all it is a desktop pc and not a laptop. You get good value for your money.

Brooklyn, NY


great value for the money


I've have my HP Pavillion for a year and a half and have had no problems.  I'm very satisfied with the speed and quality, memory space.  I bought it for a reasonable price in a bundle package at CompUSA.  I've had an Emachines in the past that didn't last more than a year.  Very happy with this purchase.  Use it for work and my business being self-employed.

Chicago, IL


I love my HP!


I bought my HP 3 years ago after having a Dell.  I would never buy any other kind.  My HP has been excellant.  It is in the shop now cause the CPU went bad but that is the only time in 3 years anything has happened to it.  I got it on black friday and stood in lay-away for 2 hours.  I would gladly stand there again to get a computer this good.

Pelham, NC


Multi-port PC with potential.


My HP Pavillion desktop has adequate hard drive space to store all of the audio and video files and still allow my graphics programs to run smoothly. There are multiple USB ports and audio ports in the front and back, for mass accessibility. There are ports for multiple memory cards.. especially the one for my digital camera.. and I can dump the files straight unto my PC to begin editing. In short, it can handle all that I throw at it.. so I am sure that it will be fine for you.

Vincennes, IN


HP has the best computers out!


HP Pavilion Desk Tops and Lap Tops are great! I own 2 desk tops and 1 lap top, I am extremely happy with all three, they are dependable, always easy if you want to upgrade. Their on line tech support is always there if you have any questions. the computers are quick running, efficient, well running machines. I have worked on Dells(Crashed 3 times on set up, went back the same day!) I have worked with Sony, and Toshiba's their o.k. but nothing and I mean nothing beats an HP. You can usually get a bundle package with everything you want at a very reasonable price.

Perris, CA


Excellent Longevity


This PC made it though 5 years of college, 2 moves across the country and is still going strong.  This is the work-horse of computers.  I am a photographer and do about 4 hours of computer work daily.  This computer has never once failed me (never crashed...)  People used to think of HP as a "cheap" company with "cheap" products.  This is not the case.  I will forever buy HP.  I trust them to handle my photography business and know that this computer will always be able to perform in the way that I need it to.  The only thing that I have ever done to this computer was to add more RAM.  My programs were a bit sluggish - but recovered will after more memory was added.  Overall, great quailty at a great price!

Canandaigua, NY


The Hp a one and only!


The HP Pavilion M8000N Desktop Computer is one of a kind and it even comes at an awesome price! This desktop works like a charm with its speedy yet complex operating system, coupled with alot of security features not present in many other desktops on the market. The desktop also comes with interchangeable technology such as slots on its motherboard for different video cards,sound cards, and multiple hard drive space. The computer moniter that comes with this device is also handy as it can display clear crisp display that will astound anyone who sees it. The downside to this desktop as with any other desktop ofcourse is the fact that it is bulky and not portable at all. So unless you're not planning on moving any time soon, or you dont need a laptop then go for this desktop. While it does have a clean looking cabinet and a big clear screen and the price is good, then you should definietly buy this great deal.

Austin, TX


my pavilion desktop is outstanding!


my pavilion desktop i bought few months ago and i could not ask for anything more. great speed, i am able to do all my work from home. it came fully equiped with every program i needed for my personal use. i just plugged it in and got started it was that easy. i also enjoy the protection it gives me, advance secuirity features that made things so much easier, when i am totally oblivious to how viruses can totally destroy my computer. its light weight i am able to put it in a corner and almost forget its there. the graphics are amazing as well. i never would of thought i would be happy with a desktop i always enjoy laptops but this was perfect for everything i needed at home. i would recommend this to anyone. it affordable, if u want high end quality that wont have to be replaced or repaired within a month or so.... so anyone give it a shot and i promise you wont be dissapointed i promise its worth the money.

Lebanon, OR


love it


Hi.  I just bought this computer and i have to say i waited way too long to buy a new computer.  The hp is the best brand ever and i paid more than i would have, if say i had bought an compaq presario or acer, but i love hp and insisted on having it.  Hewlitt packard lasts longer and is much better quality than any of the other brands.  I adore this computer - the screen is gorgeous, the keyboard is perfect for typing and doesn't take up much space.  it is super fast and has a great memory.  All the graphics are there and there are plenty of hmi outputs available.  The price is great and now is the time to buy this.  I wouldn't have bought any other computer and i can't tell you how happy i am with it.  it is just gorgeous, i really love it.  i would recommend this to any friend or person looking to buy a computer but not spend way too much.  this is just perfect for the price and it is a definite must buy.

Commack, NY


HP Pavilion Desktop Computer

4.5 15