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HP Pavilion C desktop computer

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This would be a great starter computer for the kids.


When I purchased this computer it was one of the latest computers on the market and I instantly fell in love with the speed and of the many things I could do with. I have had this computer for about 6 years now and it is getting to be a little slow for my own use. However it is great for letting the kids do their thing on it whether it be games or watching movies or cartoons as well as doing research for school. This computer is a multi media type wo which you can download music and videos. You can also plug in your camera and download the contents right on to the hard drive. This computer comes with a 200GB hard drive, a DVD-ROM as well as a DVD+/-RW drive that also comes with Lightscribe to burn labels right on to your DVD+/-RW disc. I love the fact that it has 5 different slots in the front of the tower to plug in the various kinds of memory cards. This machine also came with 6 extra USB ports. Currently I use one for my MagicJack VOIP phone and one for my 8GB memory stick that I use for backing up my data in case of a hard drive crash. I have had several crashes in the 6 years I have used this computer. My computer came complete with a 17in flat screen as well as a set of external speakers for better listening. If you have kids in school or just about to enter school then I would recommend this type of home computer for the kids to learn on as well as for their  entertainment.

Anchorage, AK


HP Pavilion C desktop computer

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