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HP Officejet 7410 All-In-One Printer

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Perfect for the at home office


This is a great machine.  It is easy to use and set up.  It also has all the functions I am looking for for a home office.  The quality of the scanner is great.  I mostly wanted a printer that could print color photos and this is doing the job.  I like the zoom and proof sheet functions. 

Howell, MI


The HP 7410 All-In-One will meet my needs for years to come.


The HP OfficeJet 7410 All-In-One printer was purchased to take the place of my fax machine, and to allow me to retire my print server because it has built in wireless printing. As an added bonus, I was able to also dispose of my scanner because the 7410 has excellent scanning capabilities. I have been very happy with the fax machine aspect of this all-in-one, there is not much that can be said other than faxing documents is easy and straight forward. The ability to fax documents directly from my laptop is a step up from my old fax machine. Scanning is also easy, using the HP software. Scan quality is excellent and the ability to load multiple documents into the document feeder to scan directly into a single PDF file is a much improved method over my previous flatbed scanner. As a flat bed scanner, it performs just as well as any I have used. In addition to faxing and scanning, it is also a copier, and it performs well as such. The print quality is excellent. I have owned several photo printers and have used kiosks to print digital photos. The 7410 competes admirably with those other choices. I use it often with good quality photo paper to print large pictures of my Grandkids. Having multiple types of memory card input slots easily allows the user to print directly from a digital media source. You can also access the memory cards via your Local Area Network from any computer. As a document printer, I find it fast enough at 30ppm to handle my needs. The 7410 has two separate paper trays, so I can keep photo paper in one and lower quality paper for documents in the other, and choose which to use at the time of printing. There is no need to physically remove and then replace with alternate paper, a true improvement over my old printers. Setup was fairly easy, though I have had some issues with the printer losing its IP address. The printer does not seem to hold a static IP when using it wirelessly for some reason. Since my router is now located next to the printer, I have switched to a wired ethernet connection and that has solved most problems. I still occasionally have problems when trying to scan documents, but restarting the printer and/or my computer solves these issues so I am not certain of the exact cause. I also have problems monitoring the ink levels via the included software, it always returns an error message when I attempt it. The ink seems to get used fairly quickly, and is quite expensive to replace, but that is true with most modern printers. I tried a generic refill cartridge and it ran out very quickly and I returned it for a refund. I suppose I will have to stick to using HP cartridges for now. Overall I am happy with this printer. The minor problems I have had with it do not detract from the years of service and use I have gotten from it. I do not anticipate needing to replace this printer anytime soon.

Garland, TX


HP 7410 - My printing solution for years and years


Hewlett Packard has been my printer of choice for many years.  I have found that they print the best, crisp photos of any printer that I have ever tried.  When my new computer that I bought approximately 6 years ago would not support my old HP Printer, I decided to get an HP Officejet 7410 All-in-One.  Not only does it deliver beautiful, sharp photos; but it can scan, copy and fax all on the same unit! I recently purchased a new computer and had no problems reconfiguring my printer to the new computer.  I simply visited the HP website and downloaded new drivers.  This workhorse has served me well for many years and will probably work superbly for many years to come. Within the copy feature you can reduce, enlarge, collate and chose Copy Quality of Fast, Normal and Best.  Sometimes you just need a quick draft; and the Fast mode will save a little ink.  The copier also supports double-sided copying.  All features are user-friendly and cartridges are very easy to replace. If you're looking for one unit instead of three that can give you sharp photos and copies, scan and fax, then an All-in-One is a natural choice.  

Madison, OH


The HP7410 is all you need in a printer"


The HP 7410 does everything I could ever use a printer for and it does it so easily I am amazed.  My husband and I both use the printer with our laptops and our desktops. I especially love how easy it is to print on both sides of the paper automatically without having to  even be in the same room to change settings.  While it is not a photo printer it prints very clear photos and prints directly from a memory card.  I also find that ink usage is very good and it gives clear warnings when you are low.  I recently got a new computer and setting it up to work with the new computer was a snap.  All of my previous settings were remembered and it worked wirelessly the first time I tried. It also enlarges and reduces and will print legal size, envelopes and pretty much anything else I have ever needed to be printed.    

Greer, SC


Caused more problems than it was worth


The place I work has a couple of these so-called All-in-one printers in our offices and I have more problems with this piece of equipment than I have ever had with any other type of computer equipment. I understand that with technology you are bound to have the occasional glitch, but this printer has had more than its fair share as far as I'm concerned. I can't even count the number of times that it just decided to stop working for no apparent reason. Also, I scan a lot of documents in my profession, and it seems the more I scan, the less efficient the scanner is. I always get an error message saying "the device threw an exception." What does mean really? All I know is that it means its not going to scan any more paperwork for me that day. I guess one good thing about this printer is that, in order to make it work again after it messes up, all you have to do is unplug and reboot the whole thing. In my opinion this printer is not worth the money you pay for it.

North Beach, MD


The King of AIO printer devices has claimed his crown


***Bottom-Line:*** If you or your department or small workgroup need a scanner, copier, printer and fax, the **HP** **Officejet 7410 **should be given serious consideration. The **HP Officejet 7410** is a multifunction printing device (compatible with PC as well as Macintosh) that allows you to print, scan, copy, and fax all from one unit.  The **Officejet 7410** has the added capability of printing photos directly from the unit and will accept input from all manner of removable and or portable memory device including *SD Media, MultiMediaCard (MMC), **CompactFlash (I, II), Memory Sticks, SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card, and USB port*.      Networking is built into the **Officejet 7410**; the machine has both built-in 802.11b/g wireless and wired Ethernet 10/100 port.  Once set up, users will be able to avail themselves of the unit's full functionality.      The **Officejet 7410 **also features an** **automatic document feeder, copy collating, two-sided print, fax, copy and scan; copy, scan, and print up to legal size; and 400-sheet total paper capacity with the 250 sheet paper tray (included in the box) installed.   The **Officejet 7410 **offers print and copy speeds up to 30 ppm black (econo), and up to 20 ppm color, with up to 4,800-optimized dpi color and laser-quality text.  Finally, the **Officejet 7410 **can fax in black and color and scan with resolutions of up to 2,400 x 4,800-dpi optical resolution scanning. **Network Setup ** Before connecting the **Officejet 7410** to a computer, or network, the decision must be made to utilize one or the other, but not both.  I installed this **Officejet 7410** on a network utilizing the standard 10/100 Ethernet provided in the back of the unit.  I connected the unit to a standard 10/100 Ethernet port tied to my site network.  As noted above, the **Officejet 7410** can also communicate via an 802.11b/g wireless connection; the default is on, but it can be turned off via front panel controls; I turned the wireless functionality off, because we do not have any wireless clients. Unlike other network-bound printers, the** Officejet 7410** does not have to be setup on a printer server in order for client computers to print to it, or utilize it capabilities (more on this later).  It does however have to be assigned an IP address, along with a Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.  Once I assigned these parameters to the Ethernet card via the front panel controls, I was able to *ping* (find it on the network) the printer and move to the next step, the software installation.  During the software installation process (discussed in more detail below), the printer is sought and found on the network and a one-to-many relationship set up between the **Officejet 7410** and attached workstations.        **Software Installation** Be prepared, this installation will take a while to accomplish (up to 35 minutes on older machines) and could take up to 733MB of hard drive real estate.    And while it involves very little end user interface, the installation plows through several steps before it accomplishes its goal of tying the client workstation(s) directly to the **Officejet 7410**.  **Note:** do not attempt to install this software over a network connection, it will take an inordinate amount of time to complete, and may not install all of the features.  I can only address the network install process, though experience tells me that the installation process would be the same if the **Officejet 7410 **were mated directly with a workstation via USB cable.  All of my workstations have *Windows XP Professional SP2* installed. With the software is installed the workstation (via the network) will be able to print, scan, fax, and copy from the **Officejet 7410**.  Once the software is installed on a particular workstation, the **Officejet 7410** becomes aware of it and places its (the workstation) name on a list accessible via the front panel of the printer.  This can be utilized when you want to scan or copy material and send it to your computer.  Gone is the need to set up the printer on a print server, assign it a port and install drivers; the **Officejet 7410** and workstations now speak directly to one another as if there were connected via USB cable.  **HP Instant Share** Speaking of sharing, the innovative HP Instant Share utility allows you to send images, from the printer-without a PC-to e-mail addresses, online albums, or another networked **Officejet 7410.  **And together with HP remote printing, you can print back to your networked **Officejet 7410** from the road. I opted not to set up this service on the unit I installed. **My Viewpoint ** The **Officejet 7410** represents (to me anyway) a quantum leap in the All-n-One functionality arena; finally we (the clamoring, demanding public) have hassle-free scanning and fax sharing across the network at a very reasonable price-point.  I have only used the **Officejet 7410** for three days and already I am so impressed that I am going to purchase the units' sibling the **Officejet 7310 **for my own home use (review to come). Built-in 802.11b/g wireless connectivity coupled with wired Ethernet capability make the **Officejet 7410** a versatile, flexible unit that is ideal for a small workgroup setting; I wouldn't install the unit on a floor with more then ten users, the user listing might grow too large and confused to manage.  If you or your department or small workgroup need a scanner, copier, printer and fax, the **HP** **Officejet 7410 **should be given serious consideration.**  **         **System Requirements (From Hewlett Packard) ** *PC system requirements:* Any Intel Pentium II or Celeron processor (Pentium III or higher recommended); Microsoft Windows 98, 98 SE, Me, 2000 Professional, XP (does not support Windows 3.1, 95, NT 4.0, DOS); 128 MB RAM for 98, 98 SE, Me, 2000 Professional, XP (256 MB or higher recommended for all operating systems); 795 MB available hard disk space for full software installation (355 MB for basic software installation without HP Image Zone software); Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher. *Mac system requirements:* G3 processor (G4 or higher recommended); Mac OS X v 10.1.5, 10.2.3 and later, 10.3.x; Mac OS 9.1 and later (does not support Mac OS 9.0 and earlier or OS X v 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.2); 128 MB RAM (256 MB or higher recommended); 400 MB available hard disk space for software installation; HP Memories Disc Creator software requires CD-Writer and 700 MB of additional hard disk space; QuickTime 5.0 or later; any Web browser.

Aurora, IL


HP Officejet 7410 All-In-One Printer

4.2 6