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HP Mouse

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good for a basic mouse


I believe I actually bought this mouse on the HP website some time ago. I had a free shipping offer that allowed me to get it for a decent price. I do like the laser option, and I'm really not picky about my computer mice. I just want to be sure that it doesn't stop up when I'm on Adobe Photoshop. I need a steady hand when I'm editing photographs, as I am a freelance photographer. It's basic, sleek appearance is attractive and matches both my laptop and my desktop. My laptop is HP as well, so it's like it came with the thing. If you're looking for a mouse to game with, or you're rather picky, don't go for this one. Upgrade because I'm sure it'll be worth the cost. Otherwise, if you just surf generally, pick the GW405AT.

Phoenix, AZ


Good. Better than optical.


The HP laser mouse is an upgrade from the optical mouse that I was using, before it decided to no longer track my mouse movements. Originally I have gotten this mouse as a gift from another person who had a surplus of these items. I wish I had used this sooner! The degree of precison on this mouse is drastically different than the typical optical mouse you see in the market today, at least the generic ones. Granted, this isn't one of the high end mice with weights and laser with higher precision, but this is decent enough. I would recommend anyone who needs to buy a mouse to get this one, but if you can afford a more expensive mouse, go for it. This is a nice introduction to laser mouse, and HP did an execellent job crafting this one. I have used it for several months, and so far it is very smooth with no hiccups unlike my old mouse. I expect this mouse to last me for several years. Highly recommended.

Danville, CA


HP Mouse

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