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HP Laserjet Printer

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it works great


the printer is only in black and white, however it prints very well and is easy to use.  It also prints cards and does it very nicely.  It is easy to use and understand and jams very little.  you do not want to fill it completely full with paper because that makes it jam...

Branson, MO


Reliable, fast printing


We have an HP Laserjet printer that we have had for about 4 1/2 years now. It prints out documents quite nicely. Unfortunately it doesn't print in color which is too bad because I also use an HP All-in-One Deskjet that doesn't compare to the Laserjet print quality. For the most part the Laserjet is low maintenance and rarely gets jammed. It doesn't print two-sided documents so it's a bit of a pain to print one side then feed them into the paper tray. The HP toner cartridge lasts a long time. When it starts to get low on ink a message pops up om my computer to inform me. It doesn't have a digital screen, just a cancel button and print button. It's certainly a basic laser jet printer but print quality is great and each page is produced quickly. It's a great printer to print large amounts of documents from. It's reaction time after clicking on print on computer is usually quick. Every once in a while, there is a 10-15 sec. pause before the printer starts the job but I can't complain too much because it has lasted almost 5 years so far.

West Roxbury, MA


HP Laserjet 1300 Printer is perfect for fast paced office work.


Looking for a printer for home office or main office?  This is a great basic printer.  The paper tray will hold a large amount of paper.  The speed in which it prints is more then adequate.  My experience is it lasts forever with no maintenance.  It's very easy to use and with heavy accounting work I still get at least 6 months out of the cartridges. Watch for cartridge sales and you pay a lot less then most other printer cartridges will cost you. 

Boulder, CO


HP Laserjet Printer

4.3 3