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HP - Headset

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HP Headset is an ear-crusher!


I got these headphones because they had a usb plug-in rather than a regular head/microphone jack. That was useful because mine was damaged. But the usb plug-in can screw up the sound if even lightly touched. It is also big and long, so you cannot use the adjacent usb port and you need to be careful if you use your laptop on your lap. The volume adjuster works fine, although I think that they mute switch is broken (although that does not bother me at all). The ear part works well and the sound from the headphones is quite good. But the headphones cannot rest on your head. They have to rest on your ears and they have the stupid design that fits over the top of your earlobes, which hurts them after awhile. Thus, overall, the headphones and microphone from HP work very well, but they are very uncomfortable. I would recommend them only to people that want a cheap, usb headset.

Tampa, FL


HP - Headset

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