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Hewlett Packard
HP - HP Photosmart M425

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takes terrific photos;day or night and no blurring


this camera was a gift which I did not request. I have an old SLR and was not familiar with digital photography. This camera changed it all. It is simple to upload pictures with the super software supplied and the photo's have great clarity. Software is exceptionally simple to install a nd understand, the handbook is also great. Everything you need to know to get started using your camera quickly and easily. No 500 pages here!

Antelope, CA


great camera for a ggreat price!


This is a great camera with so many functions and ease of usage! I love this camera specifically for the timer setting and also the availability to tape short video clips. You can crop your pictures directly on the camera and even change to sopia or black and white pic's if you wish. I have had this camera for almost a year and have had no problems what so ever!

Bonney Lake, WA


I like that it's compatible with my computer and printer which t


**this camera was a gift for christmas last year. It has been through two tornado's and is still going. I have taken so many beautiful pictures with it all across the united states and europe. I love it. I like that you can attach a audio file to a still picture.**

North Las Vegas, NV


HP - HP Photosmart M425

4.0 3