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Green Tea HP
HP Green Tea Drink

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Great Product


Perfect combination of steady energy boost, weight management (or loss) system, and health supplement (immune system and major disease prevention) that delivers a large dose of antioxidants. An easy way to provide a daily mini detox. When I use it, I notice a positive mood and mental clarity.



I didn't have any results with this beverage.


I have been an avid tea drinking on and off for a few years because of the idea that it can help you lose weight and that it has tons of antioxidants that are great for your body. I decided to try green tea and this particular brand because it was hailed for its ability to boost metabolism and to help you lose weight. For me, I didn't notice any results. The recommendation was to drink a cup in the morning when you start your day and gradually work your way up to a second and even a third cup. In my case the result was just that I felt a bit jittery and hyperactive from the added caffeine that I was not use to having in my diet. I was used to a small amount of caffeine from my old form of tea but this just kind of made me feel amped up and as if my heart was racing because of the caffeine. I tried drinking one and then two cups a day and eventually worked up to three but it didn't help my weight at all. After nearly a month I cut back down to just a single cup in the mornings and finished off the package that I had purchased. I didn't get any real results. I did feel energized in that I was amped up on caffeine but other than that I didn't notice any weight loss or added help with my workout and I don't care for the increased heart rate with caffeine.



I hardly noticed any difference,but it's very healthy


I have tried many weight maintainene and weight coontrol product within the past couple years and it is not from being overweight it is for weight maintainene.  This Hp Green tea product was sold at a health food store in the Bronx and you can hardly get new products in the bronx.  The packaging suggest something that has been around for a long time and that they know exactly what they are doing.  It gives the interpretation of standing above the rest.  Well I drank this green tea drink for a month and I really did not notice any diffrence or it had the same effect as drinking 2 glasses of water with your meal.  If there were any health benefits it was probably just to my health and I won't notice that until later on in life anyway.  The green tea plant has many documented and commercialized advantages,but I would not buy this product if I was looking to loose weight.  Maybe you could just put this on your grocery list as part of a healthy eating regimine.

Bronx, NY


Lose weight, gain energy, be healthy, no brainer!


I got HP Green Tea at a mall kiosk and tried the free sample they offer.  It was tasty and surprisingly, all natural, with the equivilent of 50 cups of green tea, noni juice and pomogranite juice.  It gave me natural energy, stamina, strength and endurance right away.  It promotes the friendly bacteria that makes us regular so I got a continual deeper elimination.  It equalizes blood sugar, helps with blood pressure, bad cholestertol.  It raised my metabolism and helped to supress my appetite.  I lost 2 dress sizes in around 3 weeks time and all of my joint pain from a near fatal car crash disappeared.  It was so awesome that I quit the dental profession and went to work for the company helping others.  It's a 'must-have' if you want to lose weight naturally.

Louisville, KY


HP Green Tea Drink

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