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HP EliteBook 8440p 8440p Notebook - Core i5 i5-460M 2.53GHz - 14"

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it would be a goot notebook if HP configured it properly.


Another so-so product from HP. The system could be good if designers tested it better. This notebook comes with 4 Gb of memory - which is obviously not enough for Windwos 7 64 bits. Because if lack of memory it is slow. Graphic card ( NVIDIA QUATTRO) - good card by itself, makes things worse. The laptop gets overheated ad shuts down everytime i try to edit pictures in Adobe. So why to install graphic card and don't provide sufficient cooling system.? This computer is given to my by my company - i can not wait it be replaced. not recommended - at least, not for using graphics, also memory must be at least 8 GB by default for just Windows 7/64 bits could ran properly. I read lately, that HP was named among 10 worst companies by consumers, I share this opinion completely. I used to have Dell desktops and laptops before - very good experience. Read my reviews of Dell laptops and desktops. Speed/Performance This notebook comes with 4 Gb of memory - which is obviously not enough for Windwos 7 64 bits. Because if lack of memory it is slow. Graphic card ( NVIDIA QUATTRO) - good card by itself, makes things worse.

Dobbs Ferry, NY


HP 8440p laptop is pretty a nice mobile do-it-all laptop


Okay, by do it all, I should leave out gaming as the cheap integrated graphics chip will not get you anywhere in that realm.  However, I have been using this laptop for mobil software development via my employer since Nov 2010 and it has really been great.  Not quite as fast as my XPS 14 with an i7, but it definitely gets the job done. The Intel Core i5 processor has worked just fine for me to do any/all of my software development needs.  Usually I have my database tools (Toad-Oracle) and my development tools (.NET 2010) running at the same time and I can multitask back and forth without too much trouble.  The amount of power in this small sized of a laptop is really worth noting.  With its 14" display it fits in any carrying bag and is ready to go.  Its smaller size also contributes to its convenient lighter weight.  My only complaint about this laptop is that it does not have a backlit keyboard which so many laptops are including STOCK these days.  HP seemed to make a half hearted attempt at providing "some" light be adding a little light that pops out of the top of the display to shine light down on the top of your keys.  I have to say backlit would have been much better.

Saint Louis, MO


hp elitebook 8440p is a nice laptop


when i first got this laptop to replace my dell latitude d620, i was a bit hesitant to use an HP product. i have had bad experiences in the past with them, but i thought i'd give HP another chance. the screen is nice and big. it's clear and sharp, and looks nice with the graphics that i view daily. the machine came loaded with windows 7 on it, so i had to load ubuntu on it. everything worked out-of-the-box on it except for (surprisingly) the wired NIC. this was an easy enough fix tho - i just downloaded the driver for it and then installed it and it fired right up. no muss, no fuss. the casing of this machine is very nice. it's not the lightest thing, but it's very sleek and modern looking. i could probably do without the LED light on the cover, but it's not a deal breaker. overall this is a great PC.

Ambler, PA


Looks nice, but has some quirks


HP is one of the biggest manufacturers of desktop and laptop computers in the world, however, they have not worked out all the quality kinks. The first thing that you will notice about this camera is the metal silver lid. It looks quite nice, but I found that there might be a grounding problem because when the laptop was plugged in and I put my hand on the lid, I could feel the electricity. Once you open the lid, you'll find metal hinges. Once you've had a few laptops, you'll find out even if everything else holds up, usually the hinges will give way, so this is a great sign. There are touch buttons at the top of the keyboard to control things like volume and switching the wireless on and off, but I found myself inadvertantly touching the buttons and activating their functions by mistake. I like the other keyboard buttons, which give a good feel when pushing them. The screen is fine, but really too high a resolution for a 14 inch screen. Also, I found problems connecting to wireless hotspots at time with it dropping in and out. Overall, this is a nice looking laptop, but has a few problems.

Dallas, TX


Great Build Quality - Wonky Wireless


I received this from work to use when I am away from the office.  I have one major gripe about this machine, and it concerncs the wireless.  The wireless sometimes shuts off by itself, and the touch-seneitive button will not work to re-enable it.  You have to restart the computer to get the wireless working again.  I am hoping that this will be fixed in the future with a firmware update.  That being said, this machine has incredible build quality.  The keyboard is one of the most confortable I have ever used on a laptop.  The screen is also nice and bright.  As fars as battery life goes, when the battery is fully charged, I routinely receive more than five hours of battery life out of a fully chaged battery--just make sure that you optimize the settings in Windows.  The trackpad is also nice, with the option of the "eraser-head" mouse along with two sets of left- and righ-click mouse buttons.  The speaker on this are bout average for a laptop and soud about the way that you would expect from their small size.

Downingtown, PA


HP EliteBook 8440p 8440p Notebook - Core i5 i5-460M 2.53GHz - 14"

3.4 5