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HP Deskjet Printer

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Love this printer, never fails, but eats a lot of ink!


I got this printer as a christmas present from my mother-in-law last year. This is a wonderful color printer and I have never had any issues with it. The color quality is great and there are several printing options to use while printing. It is very small and saves on space. It was fairly easy to install but I am pretty computer savvy and the instructions didn't seem user friendly at all. I think someone without a lot of computer/printer knowledge may have some issues with hooking this up. Also, this printer does not come with a USB cable; yet another way the stores can get more money out of their customers. It takes only a basic USB cable, so you can substitute and not have to buy another one if you have one laying around the house. I would have to say my least favorite thing about this printer is that it seems to eat ink! If one cartridge is low and I replace it, it seems that the other needs replacing soon after. I wish that ink was not soo expensive!

Hampton, VA


If I needed another printer would buy this printer again


I have no regrets purchasing this printer. The instructions for setup of the printer make it extremely easy. The clarity of the print product is superb and the color reproduction is true and vivid. The unit prints very quickly. My only criticism of the product relate to the lack of literature that accompanies it.  You have no idea which cartridge to change when printing fades.  There is no indication in the leaflet as to what the functions of the lights are on the front of the printer. A few more paragraphs in their leaflet would have been much more reassuring.    

Tolland, CT


Best printer I have used yet.


I have had this printer for 6 months. Works great, cheap on ink, very economical. Used to I never would have used anything but an epson. I have been using that typ-e for over 10 years. But this is the tops.

Henrietta, NC


HP Deskjet Printer

4.3 3