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HP - 1080p Digital Camcorder with 3-Inch Touchscreen LCD (Black)

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Great Features for an awesome price


This camcorder is the best I've ever used or seen. The quality of the video at 1080p is superb. I can even just play if back directly from the camcorder straight to my TV with the HDMI connection. I can also just connect the camcorder straight to my computer, transfer the files, and then edit them and burn them to a disc. Either way, the 1080p gives the videos I shoot a professional looking touch to them. My friends are impressed and I look like a photography expert. Another feature that I haven't seen before, but love, is the fact that this camcorder can take AA batteries. Say I forget to charge my battery, or forget the charger. I wouldn't be able to use the camcorder after the battery dies, right? Nope, not with this camcorder. I can use just any old regular AA batteries and the camcorder is ready to record again with the same great results. The only squab I have with the camcorder is the photo mode. When taking a picture with the flash, I have to wait in a couple of seconds for the flash to charge up again before I can take another picture. But that isn't too bad, I mean it's a camcorder, why do I want to take pictures, when I can take video?

Fremont, CA


An Okay Camcorder


It was okay, the only problem was probably the video quality for me. A little too pricy for me, but all in all its good for its price. It's very lightweight compared to how it looks but the video quality on this thing is just not that great. It takes good videos, but probably not in the resolution you would wnat them to be. I took this out one day with my friends and it was great really, I could capture every moment quickly and clearly. It picked up sound quite well and the easy of the lightweightedness helped me capture the special moments. The buttons on the camcorder get a little confusing at times, but with a little practice you'll get the hang of it. The price is a little much, but it's a good camcorder for the family or with friends. But if you decide to go with high quality videos and such, then I would consider saying your money on this one because of the quality of the videos. Other than that it's a pretty neat camcorder.

Westminster, CA


Decent picture, easy to use


This camera was given to me as a gift by my husband a couple months ago. We have only used it a handful of times, like for my sons soccer games and for videos of our baby, but so far it isn't all that impressive. I like that it is small and easy to handle, but I really wished we would have gotten the Sony HD camcorder for obvious reasons. The price point on this camcorder was great, but I just feel that the quality of the pictures could be a little bit better! The touchscreen feature on the camcorder is handy, there seems to not be as many confusing buttons on the camcorder itself. I felt like I didn't even really need to read the instructions thoroughly, as the touchscreen was very easy to just play around with to get the hang of. I love that. I really would like to have videos of my kid's special moments that last, and I hope that all the videos that we have taken thus far are in a format that will last forever.

Henderson, NV


awesome camcorder


my husband recently bought me the hp -V5061u 1080p digital camcorder with 3 inch toughscreen lcd(black) and i absolutly love it!! i couldnt ask for a better camcorder.i have a 5 month old son and of course i want to capture pretty much every moment of his life he is only going to be this small once and its not for long!he is growing up so fast and i want to make sure i capture it all!it is also good so my husband can see what my 5 month old does during the day since my husband works all day he has hardly enough time to spend with him so he does miss alot of his life.i love it also because it is so small and light weight i can record for a while with my arm getting so tired of holding it for so long!i had a video camera before and it was really heavy my arm started hurting after a maybe ten mintues.i cant belive i had waited for so long to update my video camera lol.yes i would definitly recommend this product to family and friends

Bakersfield, CA


great item


i love the camera. super lightweight records very clear and records sound great.only thing i wished was different was a bigger touch screen everytime i go to touch i press wrong thing but i love it alot. i cant wait for the next one maybe come out with bigger screen for people like me with big fingers. if you asked me i would say buy it if i loved it so would you. price is good. you have to pay the price for great quality. i love how it fits perfect in my hand. hp did a great job what more can i say but great job. very sleep nice color black looks nice and manly. battery life is good i ran it for y hours on one charge i couldnt believe it but did great when i went to disney land with my kids recorded very precious moments. thank you very much.. advise to buy. if your battery dies and you forget to bring your charger you can easily just put in to AA batteries.. camera works just as fine and picture looks just as clear

Bronx, NY


HP - V5061u 1080p Digital Camcorder with 3" Touchscreen LCD


I was very excited this Valentine's Day when the love of my life gave me a beautifully wrapped red box - tied up with a velvet pink ribbon. I was even more elated to discover the thoughtful gift that was given to me: a HP - V5061u 1080p Digital Camcorder with a 3-inch Touchscreen LCD. Now, at last, I can finally record all the wonderful family moments that we share everyday, on vacation, during sporting events, and the children's concerts. I really enjoy just how lightweight my new HP -V5061u 1080p Digital Camcorder is. The 3-inch Touchscreen LCD makes it very easy to read the screen and keep track of what I am trying to record, as well as what I have previously recorded. This is a marvelous gift for anyone to help keep track of those precious memories and it is also very easy to upload to the internet and facebook and share with all of your friends and families. My relatives have enjoyed all the new pictures and movies that I am now able to share with them as well.

Chehalis, WA


This HP Digital Camcorder is simply fun!


Although I was never really active with using a video camera before, I needed to get one to replace my very old one just in case. I settled on the HP Digital Camcorder because let me start off by saying that for the price I paid for it I was really impressed. This little HP camcorder might be light in weight but is also light on your wallet and the recording that it does is simply amazing and at the highest quality. Who knew that such a tiny camera would do such a great job. This is a great camera to take with you to record any event be it a birthday, graduation, or wedding. It comes in black so it is not very detailed but it fits in subtly. It is not very difficult to figure out and should take about 2 days to get it down completely and on your way to using it. It has a very simple design but it shouldn't really matter because the main thing this HD camcorder was made for was recording video and like I said it will not only get the job done but do it well for you. Don't buy anything overly expensive since this does the job fine so if you are in need of a video camera you should definitely pick this one up.

River Grove, IL


HP should pull it off this Camcoder to save brand


I was expecting really cool HD camcoder from HP but I got this dumb one which even can not adjust focus properly, Zooming feature is complete waste I should say average compared to other canon or sony camcoder. I just feel like trapped in price game. It was much cheaper than other brands so I felt with it and purchased but quality does not stand for HP name. AS per specifications press the camera button at any time to take great snapshots to share with friends and family, but it was not that easy, still images came with blurr and still image resolution looked like 10 MP in contrast to 16 MP as per their user manual. After using touch screen Iphone and Android phones I felt like cheated on this camcoder with 3 inch touch screen LCD. you need to press very hard to make it work. It hangs in between and does not function well so need to turn it off and on couple of times. Need to recharge battery frequently, it eats battery too fast.It has the kind of lens typically found on pinhole type cameras. I cannot recommend it because of this. The quality of videos produced is ok if you just want to capture a moment but when you purchase a full 1080p camcorder you probably are expecting more than the end result this guy puts out. Digital zoom is nothing more than a software trick. When you 'zoom in' by 2x, for example, the camcorder simply takes data from the center 25% area of the image sensor, and enlarge it to full screen by interpolation. That means when using the zoom feature, you only get HALF the advertised 1080p resolution. After downloading and printing the 100 page owner's manual and carefully tweaking settings for several different lighting situations, the video it produces was only so-so at best. Zooming in on a subject produced a very grainy result. Additionally, playback on the unit I received was slow and "jerky" and the audio did not come close to synching with the video.

Cupertino, CA


HP - 1080p Digital Camcorder with 3-Inch Touchscreen LCD (Black)

4.0 8