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Grreat Choice
Grreat Choice Large Plastic Dog Carrier

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Great Product


I bought this when I had to take care of a neighbor's dog for two weeks. Being unfamiliar with cages, I gambled on this one. It was very easy to assemble-I didn't even bother looking at the instructions. It is sturdy enough to hold up to some improper handling, as I found to my relief when it fell off of a table(it was empty at the time). One bad point is that it does scratch relatively easily. After I returned the dog, there were obvious scratches on the bottom of the cage, as well as a few on the outside from things that scraped against it. It was large enough that he didn't mind sleeping in it, and during the first few days, timidly spent most of his time in it. It's a little bit bulky to carry around, but it design is good enough that I can carry it without tripping over it. This was very decently priced for the worth of the product, and it is sturdy enough that I'll keep it for any future cases such as this.



great pet carrier


I recently adopted a dog from an animal shelter. I did not want to let him roam free in my car on the way home, so I put him into this pet carrier. He did very well! I bought this from Petsmart. It was easy to assemble. No problems putting it together at all. It is also very sturdy so I do not have to worry about him falling through it while I am carrying him. It is very good for transporting him in the car to and from places we need to go. I also keep this in the house and he sleeps in it at night so he is not roaming through the house at night not being supervised. It was also a decently priced item as well. Good value for the money spent. I would defintely recommend this for everyone who has a dog. You want to make sure your dog is in something that contains him when you are not supervising him. Also he needs to be in it at night when you are asleep so he does not get into something that can hurt him.

Bethel, OH


Grreat Choice Large Plastic Dog Carrier

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