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Grandpa's Garden
Grandpa's Garden The Natural Pac Body Shawl

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Feels Like A Warm Hug!


Noone knows us better than our mom's.  Though my mother and I live miles apart, I know she worries over me since I was diagnosed with a painful spinal disorder.  For Christmas she sent me Grandpa's Garden Body Shawl.  Since I have been looking for alternative ways to defer my pain she gave me this microwaveable body warmer.  Therapist use these to warm their treatment tables for their patients.  You can also use as a cold pac if you are suffering from inflammation or swelling.  I love this product.  It's so easy to use and the herbal content retains the heat for a significant amount of time.  A few minutes after I wrapped myself in it, I fell fast to sleep.  I was very concerned over buying an electric blanket for fear that I might leave on too long and burn myself.  With the Grandpa's Garden Body Shawl there is no need to worry.  The comfort that the heat gives is amazing!  I highly recommend this therapeutic product for comfort  and health.  Whenever I have it on, I feel like I am wrapped in a warm hug!!!  Will be checking out more of the Grandpa's Garden products in the near future!!!!

Fort Gratiot, MI


Grandpa's Garden The Natural Pac Body Shawl

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