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Graco Tot-Loc Chair

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Graco Tot-Loc Chair is so simple and portable


I absolutely love this high chair. We take it with us to restaurants, grandma and grandpa's, friends, you name it. If we had the right sort of counter/table for it, we'd use it at home, but our table has a lip underneath, so you can't get a secure latch. Anyway, this high chair cleans very easily, folds up nicely and small, it's easy to use too. Just make sure you read the directions on the back to double check and make sure you know what you're doing. At first you might feel nervous about suspending your child in mid-air in a chair, but it's very, very safe and secure. It's wonderful to have our son eating right at the table with us, rather than in a high chair with his own separate tray (which you have to wash). With this one, you just detach it and wash the table like you would anyway. He loves being in it too even if he's not eating because he can sit with the grown-ups and feel included. The seat fabric is slick, so our son slides down if he's not belted in snuggly. Overall, I love using this product!

Sussex, WI


Simple and easy to clean


This is a wonderful replacement for a high chair.  With baby number one I used a free stand alone high chair that was HUGE and a pain to clean.  Toddlers aren't really known for their table manners so cleaning that thing three to five times a day between meals and snacks was not my favorite job in the world.  My sister had been using a clip on high chair and was on baby number three so I gave it a try and have loved it.  It's all I've used for babies number two and three and it has made cleaning up after meals and snacks so much easier and faster.  When they were first little I'd just use a receiving blanket to help support them around their torso and they though it was wonderful to be at the dinner table with the family.  It travels so easliy and I even made it a priority to take with us when I had to move a family of 4 on an airplane with only what we could fit in our suitcases.  I'll never buy one of those big bulky high chairs again!  :)

Shreveport, LA


Graco Tot-Loc Chair

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