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Graco Silhouette Deco Swing

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Grace swing is good.


We  got  this  swing  for  our  second  child  as  our first  child  did  not  care  for  swinging  so  we  got  rid  of  his  swing. This  swing  has  many  new  features  that  are  very  nice  for  the newborn.  We especially  liked  this  swing  because  it  had  a  lot  of  head  support  for  the  little little  babies! It  also  has  a vibrations  for  the kids so its  like  a  swinging  vibration  seat!  I only  gave  it  three stars  because  after 2  weeks  of  using  it  the swing  seems  to  squeak  which  gets  annoying  and  sometimes  the  songs  start  to skip. I  am  also  disappointed  that  the  toys  did  not  come  with  the  swing.  It provides  a  place  for  the  toys  but  my  swing  didn't  come  with  the  toys...very frustrating!  It would  also  be  nice  if  the  tray  was  able  to  come  all the  way off  as  a  tiny baby  doesn't  need  the  tray  for  a long  while.

Pocatello, ID


love the swing and the motif


The Graco Silhouette Deco Swing is a beautiful swing as part of the entire deco line (stroller and play yard).  Even though it has blue polka dots, I considered it to be unisex and wouldn't have any problem having a baby girl use it.  The assembly was pretty tedious since I personally put the swing together when I was 9 months pregnant; though that saying much since I had no major problem with the assembly.  My baby loved this swing and would sleep for hours in this swing.  Since I used both the rocking (at full power) and the vibrating seat, I found my self having to change the batteries very often.  But it was the only setting the kept my baby happy and asleep for hours and hours.  The little white bear mobile is so precious and it served it's purpose - keeping the baby pre-occupied and content.  I used this swing until my boy was too heavy for it and will definitely be the first one out of the closet for my next baby. 

Scottsdale, AZ


Good baby swing


The Graco Silhouette Deco Swing is a decent baby swing for the money. I've always trusted the Graco brand and it was a good swing when we needed the option to soothe our newborn. There are wonderful options of multiple speeds, music and vibration. After using the swing in practical application, I think I would've shopped around a little more now knowing what kinds of things I want to have in a swing. This swing is very large so you need a large space in the room you desire to place it. We have a small home, so we didn't have room in our family room and it had to go in our baby's room so we didn't use it very much. We spend most of our time in the family room, not the baby's room. When we did use it, it was a great asset in helping us achieve sleep for a very fussy infant. The vibration was very soothing to our daughter but it was VERY loud. We thought of it as it's own noise maker too, but some may not like this. The swing's batteries only lasted about a month (used frequently at night). Not only did they not last long but they were difficult to remember where the batteries went. Good swing, but could be better.

Smyrna, TN


Awesome swing


I received the Graco Deco Silhouette Swing as a gift and it is an awesome swing. It works very well. My daughter loves it, especially the mobile that it comes with. The settings on the swing are easy to read and understand. The speeds and sounds are perfect for any baby. I love the look, design and colors of this swing too. Its a great inexpensive swing. I would definitely recommend this swing. I have never experienced any problems with it. It works better than the fisher price swing that I had with my other two children.

Tucson, AZ


Graco Silhouette Swing Deco is not a good quality swing.


We purchased the Graco Silhouette Deco set of Portable Play Yard, Swing and Travel System set at Toys R Us. We assembled all the pieces for each product according to the instructions. Both the swing and the play yard require a numerous amount of batteries. I like that the DECO set all matches and can easily coordinate with my household designs. The swing has a 5 way harness and a lap bar. There is also mobile where the baby can view. The Deco pattern is consistant with all pieces. However; the swing does not work properly. The musical sounds have a lot of static and are not soothing but seem scary to the baby. The swing pace is not consistant and is off balanced. The product seems very cheap quality compared the the other Deco peices we have purchased. We do not recommend purchasing the Graco Silhouette Deco Swing as it is not consistant and does not provide us security that it is a safe product nor work properly.  

Ocoee, FL


Graco Silhouette Deco Swing

3.6 5