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Graco Easy Chair High Chair

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Best High Chair


3 years later I am still using the high chair. This high chair has been great (2nd child is using it now). It still looks brand new. The cover is easy to take off and wash and is very stain resistant. One thing I love is that there is a bar on the back of the chair. I use it to hang the bibs on. It makes it super convenient and I don't have to use up extra drawer space in my kitchen. The tray is easy to get off with one hand and the extra hidden drawer was great when my kids were babies and I was feeding them. After 3 years of using it multiple times a day it is in fantastic condition. Definitely recommend it.

Kent, WA


Fantastic high chair!


This is a fantastic high chair!  Besides being adorable, the animal print appealed to my little girl, it's comfy, safe and easy to clean.  The vinyl material of the seat wipes up easily.  The tray has a top layer that pops off for easy cleaning.  It's so nice to be able to pop just that piece into the sink for a good scrubbing than having to take a wash cloth to the tray attached to the chair.  There are two should straps and that hook together with the holster style bottom straps-resembling the syle of carseat straps.  I felt confident that my daughter was safe enough that I could step away to the sink or stove without worrying that she could kick herself over.  The wide, roomy tray also makes it the ideal place for crafts/drawing for toddlers with easy clean up afterwards.  My little one has outgrown a high chair but we are holding on to this one for when visting children of friends and relatives come over, it's too good to part with.

Saint Paul, MN


graco easy chair is a-ok!


we have had a graco easy chair for 3 years and it has been a decent high chair, it has held up ok. unfortunately there is rips/tears in the cushion after being used for 3 years and finding a replacement cushion is far from easy. it makes just as much sense to buy a new chair as to pay for a cushion so i think that is what we are going to have to do. the old high chairs that didn't come with the cheap cushions used to have a never-ending life, while these ones always seem to need some sort of upkeep. maybe that is the plan on the company to keep money coming in, it makes sense i guess. but if i had to buy a highchair again, i would go with a little bit pricier one that would last longer and wouldn't have the risk of tearing. maybe a wooden or metal one... cosco makes a really nice wooden one that i might look into. it is cute and efficient without being too expensive. overall, graco usually makes great baby stuff but the high chair isn't one of the best.

Rockford, MI


We LOVED the simplicy of hte Graco Easy High Chair


I loved the price of this chair, and I loved how simple it is. May parents-to-be don't realize that all that fancy stuff on a high chair will get mashed green beans in every nook and crany. A total pain to clean. This chair was easy to clean and the tray in the front gets the jarred food out of baby's reach.

Massillon, OH


great basic high chair


My neighbors actually had a high chair out on their curb for bulk trash as they were moving. Their son had outgrown it, so I asked if anything was wrong with it, She assured me no. So for free, from someones trash, I got myslef a high chair! It was perfect bc the boy I was watching was just tot he age of needing one. I cleaned it up, which was easy bc its all plastic, and its perfect! Hold them well, easy in and out, very easy to clean the tray. The only thing I would add is a strap or seatbelt. Otherwise, its great.

Gilbert, AZ


Graco - Easy Chair is one of the best high chair buys available


high chair need to hold baby securely during mealtime. High chairs also should be easy to clean and have other features that work with your family's lifestyle.The bottom tray can be removed with one hand and the top snack tray is dishwasher safe (though it takes a lot of space). The roomy seat reclines with one hand for naps. Some models have fun toys, too. Lightweight and easy to move around, the Easy Chair has a t-bar for safety and an easy to care for vinyl seat cushion. The seat reclines for naps and a bar on the high chair's back keeps washcloths or bibs at the ready. The lower parent "helper" tray is handy for keeping food out of baby's reach during spoon feeding. A small toy bar on the tray gives baby something to play with while waiting for dinner.



Graco Easy Chair High Chair

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