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Graco East Hampton Swing

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Well my son loves it...


The Graco East Hampton Swing is a very nice swing, although it does cost a little bit more than many other swings I saw when I was shopping. My son, Emmett, seems to find the swing calming though, so for me that makes it worth the money spent. It has two vibration settings, six swing speeds, three reclining positions, nature sounds and classical music (which is very relaxing for my baby). It has a mobile, but it doesn't spin. The swing also makes a clicking noise when it swings, which annoyed me at first, but now I've gotten used to it. Lately, the swing has stopped swinging a few times and I have had to gently push it in order to get it to start swinging again. The batteries have already needed to be changed also an my son is only five weeks old and I didn't put him in the swing until after he was one week. It would be more convienient if it plugged in. Overall though, I am happy with the Graco East Hampton Swing. My son goes to sleep in it and if he is crying from being overtired, it relaxs him and puts him to sleep.

New Haven, MI


Graco East Hampton Swing

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