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Graco Bedside Bassinet

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love this bassinet


i was given this graco bedside bassinet for a gift at my babyshower and i absolutly love it!!i was torn between getting a crib or bassinet and i couldnt make up my mind but im glad a good friend decided to buy this for fits nicely by my bedside it doenst take up much space.i absolutly love the has a nice storage thing at the bottom of the bassinet i use it for pampers but im sure you can use it for anything else you want i also fit baby wipes and a few toys underneath is alot easier with the supplys close at hand for nighttime diaper has a vibranting things that soothes your baby to sleep it also plays music.the only thing is the mattress is kinda thin so it doesnt feel comfortable for baby.but i heard your mattress for baby is not suppossed to be too soft so i guess it is good for baby,the sheet is easily removeable for is a good price for this bassinet.i would definitly recommned this product

Bakersfield, CA


Has lasted four kids!


We received this bassinet second hand from a friend and have used it for all three of our kids when they were little.  We use the Bedside Bassinet for each child for around six months and it is very durable. We will probably pass it on to another friend, since it is still in great condition. The mattress is very easy to clean if it's gets dirty, however the inner and outer shell of the bassinet is a pain to take off and reassemble. We have removed all the cloth parts to clean, except the expandable cover over the top. This is a great feature since babies can be really messy and also for cleaning after removing it from storage or between children. I like the net shelf under the bassinet for diaper and extra clothing storage. It makes night time feedings and changings must easier. The only downside is that babies outgrow this very quickly and it may be more economical to just buy a crib that they can use for several years.  However, we have really like the convenience and size of the bassinet. It fits perfectly in our room where our babies stay for at least six months before moving to their own rooms. If you plan on having multiple kids it may be a good investment.

Bellevue, NE


puts baby right to sleep


Hello to all readers out there, *                                            This Graco bedside bassinet works great, and fits perfect for the bedside, its light weight and can fit almost anywhere. It is comforable for baby because it has nice coushins and it comes with a nice mobile, it was not expensive and it rocks back and forth with ease. It also has netting on the bottom of the Bassinet for storage, i keep all the baby blankets stored there, because as you parents are well aware children tend to go through blankets alot. so there is easy storage when you need it. *

Las Cruces, NM


Graco Bedside Bassinet

4.3 3