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Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Good Neighbor Pharmacy Children's Allergy Liquid

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Good Neighbor Allergy Liquid Helps Dog to Stop Itching...or Not?


Good Neighbor Pharmacy Liquid Allergy Medicine is like a generic form of liquid Benadryl. Although it is advertised for kids, I do not give it to my kids because they have major sensitivities to pretty much every antihistamine ever made. Most kids become more comfortable and might even sleep a little after taking an antihistamine. Not my kids...they become monsters. So, I purchased this liquid allergy medicine for my dog. Yep, the dog also has allergies. The vet told me that the dog probably has allergies to the environment. She might also be allergic to her collar (we've tried five different ones), and we also think she might be allergic to her dog food. The vet recommended liquid Benadryl or a generic equivalent. My kids have multiple food sensitivities, and when I broke the news about the dog's allergies, my oldest just beamed and said, "Oh mom, she's the perfect dog for us!" "And a little child shall lead them..." What I like about Good Neighbor Pharmacy Liquid Allergy Medicine: - It was readily available at my local pharmacy. - It costs less than the brand name. - It's liquid, which is easier for me to give to the dog, who has the uncanny ability to eat a large piece of chicken and still manage to spit out a pill that was tucked away inside. - The dog seems to sleep more comfortably and isn't up numerous times all night scratching away (and yes, I have had her ears checked again for an ear infection). What I don't like about Good Nieghbor Pharmacy Liquid Allergy Medicine: - It might help a little with the itching, but it doesn't completely keep the dog from scratching. - It only lasts for about 6 hours. **My Viewpoint:** Good Neighbor Pharmacy Liquid Allergy Medicine seems to work fairly well for my dog's allergies. The dog scratches a little less and sleeps a little better, but it's not a cure-all by any means. I like the price on this much better than the brand name. I wouldn't consider giving this to my kids, unless one of them were having a fairly significant allergic reaction. It contains high fructose corn syrup, which is a big sensitivity for my kids. I would love to see the drug companies get away from the high fructose corn syrup because it causes problems for many people.

Piedmont, NC


Good Neighbor Pharmacy Children's Allergy Liquid

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