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GlaxoSmithKline Tums QuikPak Instant Dissolve Powder Berry Fusion 24

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Tums QuikPak are actually very good and work well!


To be honest, Tums QuikPak actually made me very nervous at first. I was worried that they would sacrifice the functionality of the product for taste, or even vice verse. However, when I first tried one of the packs, I was surprised to find that they taste very good. They have this berry taste that's a little fruity but not necessarily in a bad way. The texture, as always with Tums, is a little iffy, but not difficult to stomach. What made me most excited was that they worked as well as regular Tums as far as I could tell. Although it's not particularly a bad feeling, I always feel weird with the powder on my tongue, waiting for the powder to dissolve. The QuikPak isn't any more convenient or effective than original Tums, so I don't really see the point. However, if the QuikPak was cheaper the the regular Tums, I would have no reserve in purchasing the QuikPak, but at equal price, I would always choose the regular Tums.

Evansville, IN


Tums Instant Dissolve Powder works quickly!


The Tums Quickpak Instant Dissolve powder packs go to work very quickly!  They are very easy to keep in your purse or pocket without having them make a mess.  When I've carried rolls of antacid tablets in my purse, they have tended to pick up the scents and tastes of other items in my purse.  Not so with these.  The individual packets are pretty easy to open.  Just tear the top off, pour the powder into your mouth, and it dissolves instantly.  You don't have to chew up those dry tablets, or drink that nasty chalky liquid.  The taste is nice, although; the best part as that the powder doesn't stay in your mouth long.  Because it's a powder, it seems to go to work more quickly than tablets.  It neutralizes the acid in your stomach and settles indigestion within a few minutes.  Keep them on hand, and if you're out at a party or dinner, you can nip the heartburn in the bud and not ruin your evening!

State College, PA


GlaxoSmithKline Tums QuikPak Instant Dissolve Powder Berry Fusion 24

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