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Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer Sterilizer

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A great way to sterilize small items


We have found so many uses for the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer. I received it as a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with twins. I remember that when I received it, I considered returning it because it seemed "gimicky" After I looked at it for longer, I figured I would give the Germ Guardian a try and I am glad we did! It has become one of our top 5 baby related items and I am constantly recommending it. Some of the things I have sanitized while using the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer include: 1. Medela pump parts 2. Pacifiers 3. Teething rings 4. Small rings and parts to bottles, including the nipples 5. Small toys 6. Spoons, forks and other utensils. I think there are many uses for the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer. Some of the positive aspects of this item are: 1. It is small and easily fits on a counter. It is also light and can be removed from the counter and stored below, if needed. It does not take up much room at all. If you do leave it on your counter, the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer has a sleek look. 2. Because it has so many uses, you can use it for an extended period of time. My twins are 14 months old and we still use it to sanitize spoons, forks, utensils and parts on the sippy cups. 3. It is durable. We used this item a lot (sometimes several times a day!) and it still looks like new. We have had no operational issues with this item 4. It does not take too long to run. The cycle is about 30 minutes and with kids around, this time goes quickly. Although we really enjoy this item, there are a few things that could be improved upon: 1. The unit is a bit loud. The sound that the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer makes is equivalent to a hairdryer that is being operated on a low setting. We ran the unit in our kitchen and we were still able to hold a conversation but it is on the loud size. Of course, the sound of screaming children does kind of block out the nice of the unit, but its worth mentioning! 2. The basket to the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer is on the small size. For example, I was only able to fit two Medela pump flanges in at a time. I could also but bottle parts in with it as well but only two flanges. I also used this unit with the Playtex Drop In Bottle System and I was able to fit 8 rings and 8 nipples in the basket but it was a close fit. It would be nice to have a larger area to place more items. As a working mom, I am all about convenience. I look for items that help make my life easier. To illustrate how the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer made my life easier, I would like to explain how a night of bottle washing would go while using the Germ Guardian. After work, I'd pick up my kids. For a long time, I sent them with 3 bottles each, so a total of 6 bottles. I prefered to use the Playtex Drop Ins (another rave review on these bottles! We tried MANY bottles and these were the best. Hands Down. If you bottle feed, these are great and so easy to use!) When I got home, I always wanted to wash the bottle parts as soon as possible because I hated when the breastmilk would get all stuck in the parts. So I would wash all 6 nipples and all 6 rings. Oh and then I would have my Medlea Flanges. Can't forget about those! Anyways, I would wash all of them (with two screaming babies of course!) and then instead of worrying about drying the items or stacking them in a drying rack, I would simply shake them out and place all items in the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer. 30 minutes later? The items would be completely dry and sanitized. No worries about water collecting on the items and bacteria forming. No worries about stacking bottles parts with other dishes. All I had were clean bottle and pump parts. I have a lot of friends who tell me they use their diswahser to sanitize their bottles. I tried this a few times but the problem is that even when you run the sanitize cycle, your bottles, their parts and your pump parts still come out wet. So then you have to let them dry on a drying rack and run the risk of bacteria forming as the water dries. With the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer, you don't have to worry about this. The items completely dry within the unit and that dishwasher residue isn't even an issue! I recommend the Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer to all of my friends with kids. Its not one of those items that you will use for a month and get rid of. It will grow with you as your kids get older. I even scoop up little toys like Fisher Price Little People and toss them into the Germ Guardian for a quick clean. It keeps all of my childrens' items clean and our house germ free (Or as germ free as it can be!)

North Royalton, OH


So many uses... we love this sterilizer!


This is a great product that I'm glad we purchased!  It is called a "nursery sanitizer" but we actually keep it on our kitchen counter, and we have found so many more uses for it beyond what we originally intended.  It has been frequently used for over a year now, and we have never had a problem with it operating properly.  I started out using it to sterilize the pieces of my breast pump, especially the pieces that weren't dishwasher safe.  After that, I found it was great for cleaning up small baby toys like rattles and teethers.  This was especially useful after visiting with other young children or after they were dropped on the floors of restraurants and stores.  I am currently using it on the tiny parts of my son's sippy cups AFTER they go through the dishwasher.   I'm sure we will find many more uses for years to come.  The only complaint I have is that the size of the basket is too small.  It isn't a big deal, but I know I could use it for many more things if it were only a little bigger.  This item seems like something you could probably do without - and we actually did pass on it with our first pregnancy - but I would highly recommend it, especially if you just want a little more piece-of-mind. 

Saint Peters, MO


Germ Guardian Nursery Baby Toy Sanitizer Sterilizer

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