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George Foreman
George Foreman Roaster and Contact Cooker GV5

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George Foreman Roaster and Contact Cooker Makes It Easy


My husband's favorite dinner has always been rotisserie chicken and I have always had a hard time tying a chicken and mounting it in our rotisserie machine. It was after I searched for an easier way to cook a whole chicken to his liking that I came across the George Foreman Roaster and Contact Grill. This grill works great and is very user friendly. I usually purchase a five pound chicken and dress it to my liking, I simply place it in the contact cooker and in less than two hours, I have a perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken! Like any indoor grill, it can be slightly difficult to clean. The unit does have a drip tray to catch drippings while it cooks as well as user friendly controls. It is certainly easier than any rotisserie machine!

Nampa, ID


Not thrilled with his Grilling Machine


The George Foreman GV5 Roaster and Contact Cooker definitly has it's pro's and con's If you have the room to store such a huge machine then it's a pro. If not, it's really a con. I don't have a huge kitchen (or home) so finding room to put it away is always an issue. Also if you are looking to cook chicken in an hour this machine won't do it. I've had whole chickens cooking for more than 3 hours in this machine. I've had to resort to taking the chicken out of the machine and putting it in the oven because I couldn't wait any longer. The only real pro I can say about this Roaster is that it cooks your food healthy. The grease drains from the bottom so your poultry isn't grilling in it's own fat. Another con is the clean up after. Trying to balance the machine over the sink while you slowly spray water and scrub down the grease is quite the mission. So considering the pro's and con's against each other I can't recommend this product.

Miami, FL


George Forman roasts chicken just like a restaurant!


I love my George Foreman Rotisserie because I hate to cook!  It roasts great chicken, steak, and beef and pork roasts with hardly any work on my part! The Baby George I own is a smaller version of the larger George Foreman Rotisserie.  This is the perfect size for a meal for my husband and I.  It will hold up to a 5 lb. Chicken, so it is plenty big enough for our needs.  The rotisserie holds meat like whole chicken and roasts, and also comes with a basket that can be used for steaks, burgers & vegetables.  Also included are 4 skewers for making shish kabob's. There is a sliding drip tray, removable roll top door and splatter shield that removes that makes cleaning easier, although I have some burnt on grease on the splatter shield that I haven't been able to remove.  The lifting tool makes it easy to remove the rotisserie without getting burned.There is a built in 3-hr timer with a bell signal and automatically shuts off, so I just set it and forget it!  

Swanton, OH


Quick on the spot Cooker, Great tasting, and Healthy for you


Lean Mean Contact Roasting Machine: This is a ploarized plug elctric powred machine. It includes:  the body, heating plates, drip tray, baking pan , and cleaning utensil. Inside the instrution book is a cooking chart, which is very accurate.  It also has some recipes,  there is one for breakfast!  This is wonderful to eat along with the time to cook.  This product is Great!  I am able to cook a boneless turkey breast in less the 3 hours.  Great to put on and let cook!

Mishawaka, IN


yummy roasted chicken


this makes the best roasted chicken and is so easy to clean.  just make sure you put  a layer of aluminum foil over drip pan and its not a problem at all.  compact and fits nice on the counter top too. 

Apo, AE


George Foreman Roaster and Contact Cooker GV5

4.2 5