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George Aloe Vera

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I absolutely LOVE George's Aloe Vera Juice! It works very well -- helps with acid reflux and healing for me (everyone's different so no claims to whether it would work for you!). It has a very neutral taste, very much like water. And it has no extra additives or stuff added to it. I haven't been able to find any other product that fits that. All the other Aloe Vera juice products have additives or flavorings. If a person is buying a product because they have digestive issues or similar I think the last thing he/she needs is to have extra stuff added to aggravate the system. I've looked up other products and researched other Aloe juice options but have never been able to find anything that I would be anywhere near as happy with as George's. We buy it by the gallon and yes, it is a little pricey but personally I think it's worth it. I prefer to use this rather than OTC acid reducers.

Saint Louis, MO


George Aloe Vera

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