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Gentle Dental for Pets
Gentle Dental for Pets Non-anesthetic teeth cleaning service

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Love JoEllen


JoEllen was soo great with my dogs. My dogs teeth were horrible and now they look so great. She was really caring and informative. I will continue to use Gentle dental in the years to come and will recommend her to every pet owner I meet!

Temecula, CA


greenies are great for dogs teeth and breath, I use them all the


I strongly suggest that people that do not brush their teeth or have not had them cleaned to use greenies for cleaning plaque and also for fresher breath. I have 3 shelties and I use the greenies and have my groomer scrape their teeth every 3 months.

Manchester, NH


If you love your pet and live is So Cal, this is the way to go.


This is a sole proprietorship run by JoEllen Craglione, who has a home base in Cathedral City, CA.  She travels and provides service throughout Southern California. I was introduced to her service through a veterinary shop in La Quinta, CA, where she dropped in periodically to perform her work under the supervision of the licensed veterinarians there.  She is not herself a veterinarian. I now live in Arizona, and I still take my dogs to her once or twice a year to get their teeth cleaned because I have seen the excellent work she does and the benefits of not having to expose my dogs to anesthetic unnecessarily.  Her contact details are at her website, http://gentledentalforpets.com

Sierra Vista, AZ


I wish I was a cat - I wouldn't have to brush my teeth!


As an owner of three cats, Greenies has helped with their dental hygeine.  And too boot they see them as a treat; not as something to promote their health. I have attempted to tru the cloth teeth cleaners, which of course had my cats running for cover.  Once I was finally able to pry them from their hiding places, I was face with aggitated cats.  Between the growling, attemts to flee and biting; I gave up on those types of dental hygeine methods. Now all I have to do is shake the bag ogf Greenies and they come running - unknowing the treat is to promote dental hygeine. Thanks to greenies we are all happy!

Philadelphia, PA


Gentle Dental for Pets Non-anesthetic teeth cleaning service

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