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Gateway lt2104 Netbook PC

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nice netbook, overall


i've had this netbook for probably a couple of years now. i received this as a gift and was in dire need of a laptop. i have tons of programs on it, even photoshop and stuff, but i find that it's fastest for browsing the web and doing simple tasks. the photoshop stuff seems to work okay, but it's definitely not as fast as my newer dell laptop. i used to try to do photobooks on shutterfly with my netbook and it was just painful. i guess the processor wasn't fast enough or something. but that is my only real complaint about this little gem. but the thing i love about my netbook is that it's so small and so much lighter and more portable than any other device i have, save my tablet. the tablets are nice, but then i find that touchscreen stuff sometimes annoying (i have an asus transformer eee pad). this netbook gives me the best of two worlds, portability and the ability to do some more stuff that's more involved (spreadsheets and the like). over time though, i have to say that the battery life isn't that great. it never got the full 8 hours it boasted when i opened the package. now it's down to maybe like an hour. but what do you expect after 2 years, right?



Gateway (LT2104u) Netbook is the best!


I purchased my Gateway (LT2104u) Netbook about 2 months ago and it's fantastic!  My bf was able to customize it for me (he's a computer geek :D) and so far I've had no issues with it!  It's the perfect computer to use at home, where I'm not doing a ton of work, but like to have something for emails and just for messing around online.  I have no doubt that if I needed to use this netbook for work, that it would hold up ... it's very good, very fast, and so easy to use.  The battery life is great and it was priced very well.

Pittsburgh, PA


This gateway is the best notebook you'll ever own


Design gateway really did it with this one the glossy midnight black finish gives this little dude a classy look and the logo applique on the lid looks pretty nice indeed, although  this is indeed a small computer it doesn't loses its beauty like other competitors which look simple and fragile. Performance It comes with a 1gb ram memory and a 250 gb hdd so it has plenty of space for your movies music and photos, the windows 7 starter OS is fine it comes with many features wich makes it a great platform for networking and emailing on the go. Display IT HAS LED!!!!! this was the best feature that blew me away the led screen is crystal clear it has an awesome definition and you wont believe how crisp your pictures will look on the screen and how bright it can be. Battery Over 8 hours of battery life, incredible i went a whole day at college with a single charge and it kept running smoothly all the way home and i had it set on the middle brightness level which is preety bright and clear.   Check it out you won't regret it, it's a very good netbook give it a try

Miami, FL


Gateway lt2104 Netbook PC

4.7 3