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Gateway desktop computer

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Gateway FX6840-21 desktop review


i bought this computer about three months ago for the processing capabilities that it has with it's i core 7 processor and the 8gigs of ram in which is also upgradable to 16. i bought the computer with the main focous on using the adobe design programs; quicly and effeciently in which i have been able to do. I have also utalized it for some gaming as well as video editing and for the most part it is pretty good, it renders video very quickly but on the gaming side i would say that the graphics card could use improvement but based on the game what it has may be right for your needs. As for the windows 7 processor goes it is a great improvement over windows vista due to a simpler design, it takes some time to get used to but once you catch on it is very easy. As for some of the physical aspects of the computer it has lots of easily accesable usb, and memory card ports in which are conviniently located on the front and top of the computer as well as extra's in the back. another great physical component of this computer is the easy switch hardrives in which you can slide a door on the front and easily enter another hard drive (up to two) and another one on the inside in which the casing can be easily removed in which makes it easy for upgrades. it also looks like darthvader!

Albuquerque, NM


i love my computer!


i love my computer, this computer works perfect, i never have a problem with it, i have a lot of space to save files, games , pictures and documents, everything you can think of. love it! i have a few years with it and i really happy to have this one, i believe i make the right choise! i recommend it to everyone! everyone will be happy to have a computer like this. just love it!

Brooklyn, NY


Gets the job done


This desktop is not top of the line, but it's a good value for the price you pay. I have had a few problems with mine. I've had to reboot it many times but for the most part it has been a good computer. It didn't come with many programs so I had to pay seperately for microsoft word.

San Gabriel, CA


Perfection In Desktop Design


We just bought this computer this spring using this year's tax return.  It replaced an older HP that was really showing it's age.  The first thing you notice is the units very sleek design.  The power button and USB ports are very easily acessible from the front top of the machine without having to bend down or lean behind the computer.  The Intel Core processor is extremely quick and you will see little or no lag time when multi-tasking.  I had my doubts about Windows 7, but it is amazing.  The interface is very fast and I find myself missing some of it's features when using Windows XP at work.  There is not much mad to say about the maching that wouldn't instead apply to Windows 7's incompatibility with older programs.  Some random blue screens are irritating but easily and automatically fixed.  This machine also has a full array of card readers at the front of the case, which makes uploading your pictures and video extremely easy.  Some people have knocked Gateway's quality since they were bought out, but you would be making a huge mistake by passing this computer by.  It will be my work horse for years to come.

Nashua, NH


Gateway desktop computer

4.5 4