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Gateway desktop computer

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Gateway SX2801 good specs for the price


This computer has enough RAM and hard drive space to accomodate most games and graphic processing. The graphics card is decent, and the fact that it comes with windows seven is a plus. It is small and fits into the space underneath my desk with room to spare. the Black case is sleek and stylish, enough to leave out in the room and look nice. It is fast, and runs the Sims 3 game very well. There are a few down sides to this computer though. The power button is tricky, you have to push HARD and wiggle it wround in order for it to turn the computer on and off. Gateway does not offer windows seven support, and windows won't offer it because gateway is supposed to. It stopped recognizing my internet signal and the only way I could fix it was to completely wipe the computer. It does stay cool however, and the amount of USB ports are great.

Albuquerque, NM


Good Desktop Computer


I own this desktop and it's pretty nice. The front has a glossy finish, which could be a fingerprint magnet if you touch it too much. It has so many usb ports. This desktop also have a little flat rectangle on the top for putting anything you want on it like a external hard drive. When this is turned on, the fan inside of it is pretty quit compared to my brother's Hp computer. The problem with these desktops is that it takes a while to load. This desktop is also stored with so many gateway stuff take take up a bit of memory and are useless. I spent like 1 hour trying to find all the things that are useless to me and things that was important. After I was done with that, the computer ran pretty fast. The keyboard and the mouse that came with the desktop is also glossy which I hate because it gets fingerprints on it pretty easily, but toi my surprise, only the keyboard get all the fingerprints not the mouse. So if I were you and looking for a desktop, I would go with this desktop.

Hercules, CA


Gateway SX2801 is the worst computer and first I have ever owned


I have owned this gateway computer for 4 years now and I have had the worst experience of my life to the point that if I had a choice I would just do away with computers all together. I really want to own a great computer but with this being my first now not so much. After 2 years of purchasing this computer I started to have problems. I even tried to go as far as contacting customer service. When I called the number located on my tower it said Gatewway filed bankruptcy. If you ask me if a company is doing well this would not happen. I could not even get a hold of a person who could help me to this day. I will never ever purchase a Gateway computer ever again. I need a company to be reliable, with great outstanding customer service to be on call 24 hours a day and free with purchase of a computer. We should not have to spend all this money on these computers and only get two years out of them before the soundbar goes out. I am so happy with this purchase and wish it would have never happened.

Lake City, FL


Gateway is reliable.


We have owned 2 Gateway computers.  The first is still running and is over 7 years old.  The second is 6 months old.  Both of these Gateways were extremely affordable and have absolutely wonderful attributes.  They are quick, easy to use and take up very little room.  Gateway is definitely our computer of choice.

Fargo, ND


Gateway desktop computer

3.5 4