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Gateway Turion II 15.6" Laptop 4GB Notebook 500GB Computer with ATI Radeon (884483026074)

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My old Dell laptop crashed just short of having it two years. I am going on my fourth year with this Dell, so needless to say I am very pleased. It's a nice Windows computer. It still has it problems occasionally and needs to be rebooted. It is also much lighter than my previous laptop, even though the screen size is about the same. Ease of Use I do like Windows 7 a lot, and I think that overall it is pretty easy to use . Battery Life Compared to my old Dell, this battery life is much better, especially if you adjust your screen intensity down a bit. Support & Service I have never had to use any support or service from Gateway. Speed/Performance It comes with Windows 7, which is an operating system that I really like, and I am happy to have upgraded from Vista. Sometimes it is slower than I would like, but most of the time it has to do with the connection or other things going on. Design The mouse is off-centered, which is different from my original laptop, but I have found that I like that. It is nice because it has a full number side keyboard, which my other laptop did not. Durability My laptop has seen better days, but it is still going strong, so I think a lot can be said for its durability. The only problems I have had is that I have lost a few of the number keys along the way, but that's not bad considering I have had this laptop going on four years.



the best entertainment you can get


i spend alot of time laying down because of health problems. there are only so many hours that you can watch tv or read. my husband bought me the gateway laptop computer and a handfull of games for me for christmas and it has been worth it's weight in gold. when i first got it i was pretty much computer illiterate but could not wait to try it out. one thing (actually the only thing) that really disappointed me was that it came with no paper manual. i guess they assume that you at least know the basics. but i didn't even know the basics so was always asking someone for help. i do pretty well now, but it took a while. the screen is a good size so is easy to see. it came with a car adapter so i can be entertained on the road. the battery lasts for almost three hours so on short trips you don't even need the adapter. the price was very reasonable and i can't imagine the quality could be any better.

Eatonton, GA


Gateway Laptop is Top of it's Class- Affordable & Dependable


I purchase the Gateway Notebook NV53 nearly a year ago when my refurb Dell started acting up and showing signs of dying. The Gateway notebook has been, happily, problem-free since I got it. I use the Gateway notebook primarily around the house so it doesn't do too much traveling but it does get a bit of wear and tear as it is used everyday by me and my husband and take a bit of abuse from our toddler boys. I can't believe that this laptop still operates nearly exactly the way it operated when I first took it out of its box. It is not a luxurious laptop but it is a work-horse, from my experience. It has handled file transfers, updates, and everyday multi-tasking very well. It is quiet too: Very little noise from the fan or the CD/DVD drive. I love the 500 GB hard drive which I use mostly for storing family photo from our HD digital camera. I think the only complaint that I have is the I have not fully gotten used to the low-profile keyboard. It is probably more durable (my kids pull off one of the keys on my last laptop) but I don't type as fast on this keyboard and it is not very ergonomic. I have found that the battery has held up very well and I love the display (bright and shiny!)

Manchester, NH


Gateway NV53AU Review


This is a great laptop for general stuff. I do not recommend this laptop for work because it only has a 2 hour battery life. It has a beautiful High Definition display on a 16.5in. screen. It also comes with a number pad on the right to use numbers fast. It starts up quickly and programs open quickly as well. This Laptop includes windows 7 home premium and a 452 GB hard drive. It also has Premium Vision AMD and a 64-bit processor. This is a really nice computer. I really recommend it but lack of battery life.

Riverside, IL


Gateway Turion II 15.6" Laptop 4GB Notebook 500GB Computer with ATI Radeon (884483026074)

4.3 4