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Gateway PC desktop computer

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Works great and has lasted long


We bought the Gateway GT5242E PC computer about 5 years ago. Then the one we were running on was breaking down, it had a lot of cheap parts in it too. This was like a dream when we first used it. It's slowing down now, but that's how technology works right. It has a dvd/ dc player, it has several usb drives which is great for all the new technology that uses usb's to hook into. It also has a memory card slot to read them. So it makes getting photos off your memory card easy. Or getting information off your flash drive is easy too. It came with wonderful speakers that are great quality. It also came with a keyboard, the same one I am using now. lol I like this keyboard, it's not uncomfortable to use. It's very easy. This computer has lasted us so long. It has even had cd's/dvd's shoved into it by a our toddler and still works great. There are a couple things on it we have not used. Like the CF/microdrive. I haven't used that yet. 

Lehi, UT


Good for home use


We bought this several years ago for a home PC. It came with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, and 1 GB of RAM. We have since expanded it to 2.5 GB of RAM. The hard ware on the PC has always worked well, with little or no problems. It has withstood our kids climbing on the tower, pushing buttons, sticking things in the CD tray etc. For a home user it's worked great. The software I've had some issues with, but that's not the fault of the PC. It came preloaded with all sorts of games etc that I have no interest in. Any time I restore then I have to remove all the junk I don't want. With technology changing I'm ready move onto something 64 bit, so I can have more RAM (I believe 3 GB is the max per process on 32 bit). I'd recommend this still for someone who is a casual computer user, that doesn't need a fast processor or a lot of RAM. Somebody who is just using it as a personal family computer it will work great.

Lehi, UT


Gateway PC desktop computer

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