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Gateway PC Notebook

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Nice features, but way too many problems!


I absolutely loved this laptop when I bought it. I though it was a great value. The touch keys for media player were convenient and I was happy with the amount of hard drive space. IT plays any of my games with no problems at all. However, after about six months of owning it the battery would show zero percent, not charging even though it was plugged in. The only way to get it to acknowledge the battery is to pull the battery and then put it back in. This seems to be a pretty widespread problem, yet Gateway doesn't seem willing to do anything about it. Also, the charging port went bad. I have to jiggle the cord all around to get it to realize that the computer is, in fact, plugged in. Gateway's tech support is a complete joke. I've talked o them so many times and have a hard time getting them to understand what my problem actually is. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a laptop completely bypass this particular model. It look nice, but not worth all the aggravation.

Keystone Heights, FL


Gateway PC Notebook

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