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Gateway PC Desktop Computer

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Gateway LX 6820


I ordered a Gateway LX 6820 roughly a year ago on a very good deal. I consider myself to be a fairly computer literate user and a hardcore gamer and I have had absolutely no problems so far with this system. The LX 6820 comes standard with 8 gigabytes of DDR 3 RAM which is much more than you will find on any average non-custom built machine. I have not had to customize anything on the system yet and I am still able to run high graphics games such as Crysis, Far Cry 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and many more, with no problem due to the RAM. Even on high graphics settings I rarely encounter anything less than 50 frames per second. That being said my only complaint is the graphics card that comes with the computer. Don't get me wrong its a great card for a casual gamer, and is decent for graphics design, but to get the most out of this system its worth looking into a video card upgrade.

Stevens Point, WI


Gateway PC Desktop Computer

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