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Gateway One ZX4300-41 (PWGAW02017) 20 in. PC Desktop

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Highly recommended computer


This one is a true winner - Gateway has it right! Great value for the money! I Have truly tested it with a number of applications demand on AMD processor & it doesn't even blink! I have not been a fan of AMD, but their Athlon II/X2 appears to be a run for the money against Intel's latest Dual Core. I previously had a 6-year old Sony All-in-One & like this type of desktop PC. That one was a 15" screen & this 20" really does the trick - bright & just right for my workspace. I did replace the Gateway keyboard with a Microsoft one. The fan can be a little noisy at times, but must remember what the old Sony as like - large fan running across the back & could really hear it all the time! I was considering a much more expensive HP, but glad I saved the money & went with this one.

Baden, PA


Great Bang For Your Buck!!


This uniquely designed desktop pc has everything you could ever want. With a 20 inch monitor and wireless accessories (keyboard and mouse), you just can't go wrong! The touchscreen is a plus, but very sensitive. It's fairly easy to set up and easy to install! The price is also a major plus! I love how the graphics are vivid and crystal clear! Internet surfing is a breeze and files instantly download when you need them. Comes with a webcam and so much more. Although, if you're really picky; the keyboard has no Caps lock indicator light. The webcam is a bit sketchy but after a few adjustments, it's seemingly good. The customer service is so helpful and trustworthy! So in conclusion, if you want a quality PC with a modern twist and excellent graphics, this is the PC for you. Otherwise if you want something a little more compact, try a laptop, but this is the bees knees! Never will I regret this one bit. LOVE it!

Brooklyn, NY


Great All in One Computer


Where do I begin......This computer is great!!! It has a nice size screen for viewing. I love the graphics on this computer it bright and vibrant. I love that it has a touchscreen.  It comes loaded with a webcam and software that is great for doing all kinds of things. It also has a photo software so that you can make greeting cards, calendars and a whole bunch of other things.  I love that it comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard. I love that this computer is big but doesnt take a lot of desk space. This is a great computer for doing anything. It comes loaded with trial windows software with seems to be standard these days.  It has been a fast computer for me I can have a lot of windows open and it still perfoms great.  It comes with great speakers as well they are Dolby Home theater speakers and have great sound.  It comes loaded with windows 7 which seems to be great software. It has a Pentium processor and seems to get the job done.

Katy, TX


Love this computer!


I've had this computer for almost a year now, until recently I haven't had any issues with it at all. Lately it's started to go a little wonky, but it's mainly been with the touch part. I took it in yesterday and they said it could have something to do with the static electricity in my house. I'm not really all that concerned with it because we don't use the touch feature near as much as we used to. It's fun to 'paint' with it and the pond feature is cool, but other then that, the touch feature just doesn't get used. The screen is great, nice sized and very clear. I have had so many people come over to my house and play on it and they are just amazed at all the features it has. I love that there aren't a ton of cords to hook up, leaving less clutter around my desk. My bottom line, this is a great computer, it has tons of options and is very customizable, everyone who has used it has fallen in love with it as well.

Ponder, TX


Gateway One ZX4300-41 (PWGAW02017) 20 in. PC Desktop

4.8 4