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Gateway Notebook PC

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super efficient


I do a lot of typing and translating, so I need a screen I can be comfortable staring at for hours. This one won out. The battery has a good lifespan and the screen is super-large and easy to view. I like that for as powerful as it is, it is also extremely portable- I don't get tired carrying it around all day. It has a slim profile, which is also a nice bonus. I like the keyboard, which is easy to use and also pretty hard to get things stuck in- no pastry crumbs lurk in the keyboard corners, never to be removed again. It has a built-in webcam and comes loaded with all sorts of goodies. I like that it's easy to set up and customize. I don't really like the touchpad, I think it's not in the most ideal location, but I like that it is quite sensitive and I can zoom around inside my system with ease. It's really speedy, too- I don't have to wait long for it to process when I'm working. In short, this is a good workhorse of a computer, and it's recommended.

Rockville Centre, NY


Love the Gateway NV5387 PC


Love it I use it everyday, like someone said its my life. Its the right size for me, since I had my notebook I haven't used my desktop. This is the only laptop that I have own and hopefully the last and I dont have any compare to. So far I love it wouldn't change it for anything else.

Broadway, NC


laptop comparable to the rest


This laptop is the best and far exceeded my expectations!! It is so user friendly and lightweight.  I must be honest that I was skeptical at first to buy this laptop because of the name.  I was told other names were so much more dependable and better.  I haven't had an issue yet with this laptop.  In fact, friends that went ahead and bought just for the name have had more issues than I have.  The 15.6 inch screen is perfect for watching movies and viewing pictures.  My daughter and I often lay in the bed and watch movies on the laptop.  I recommend this laptop to anyone that is looking for something easy to use, reliable and in budget.  This is the best investment I have made.  It is also compatible with most TV's so I upload videos and watch them on my television.  The bulit in web cam is an added bonus! There is so much to do with this laptop. Great graphics and it also does very well with gaming. You can shop around but with this laptop you get more bang for your buck! The only cons I can think of are battey life and it has a flat keyboard.  These are minor in comparison to the pros.

Virginia Beach, VA


This laptop is my life.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LAPTOP! I use this lapto every single day, there is not a day in the year since i bought this laptop that i have not walked over, flipped the screen up, and logged in.  I use this laptop for everything. I am a first year college student, and I have this laptop with me in class, taking notes on word, (which is one fault, i hated having to have to buy microsoft office for this computer while my sisters much cheaper laptop came with Microsoft Office 2007).  Still, I use this laptop for all of my homework, all of my projects, some class assignments, and every other computer need there is, this is my laptop of choice. The high Memory, and equally big harddrive, allow this computer to run fast enough to support any game i want to play.  The 16.9 inch screen is perfect for almost everything, except battery life, which is not very long.  The battery life, if just over an hour and a half is enough to get me through class, and with an hour between classes, give me plenty of time to charge it back up for the next class.  I would recommend this laptop to anyone who is looking for an affordable laptop with the capabilities to get the job done.

Wichita, KS


Gateway Notebook PC

4.5 4