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Gateway Notebook PC

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Powerhouse of mega awesomeness.


this laptop is a monster. with its slim size, its massive 1900x1200 rez, 4 gb ddr ram, big harddrvie, and a rockin processor/graphics card, you can play anything you want at ease. can play crysis at 1900x1200, ultra, at about 25 fps. does run kind of hot but not too terribly hot.never been a fan of gateway but they totally changed my opinion of them with this laptop, simply incredible. you cannot find a beetter laptop at such a low price. bought mine for a cool 1200 and it will last me the next year or two before an upgrade (which is possible, about to throw in a quad core =]) it turns on quickly, no lag and the 350 gb hardrive will leave plenty of rooms for games music and videos. the design of it is kinda cool, its a little holloweenish but oh well. you will not regret buying this laptop, its a beautiful thing.

Mount Vernon, IL


Gateway Notebook PC

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