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Gateway Notebook PC

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A good budget computer


This laptop I have had for over a year and I have not had any problems with it. As far as PC's go it is a pretty solid buy. It is an energy star rated product for energy concious users. It has an illuminated keyboard that makes typing easy in low light level situations. The 17 plus inch wide screen is good for browsing webpages and watching movies and video so all your shows will look great on Hulu. It has fast graphics and processing so it matches the loading speed that you expect and need for most common uses. I don't recommend this laptop for advanced use but for everyday use it is perfectly fine. It is slim and has a nice look in black. The built in webcam works great for video chat/skype and is easy to use. One flaw that I have found with my laptop is that the battery can be easily jostled loose which can prevent it from charging. If you use you laptop on the go, this can be very unfortunate. Overall I am satisfied with this model.

Orlando, FL


Great laptop with a great price


I purchased the Gateway NV7915u Laptop when someone I know (won't say who dear hubby of mine LOL) spilled a glass of wine in my old one.  Overall I like the Gateway NV79u laptop.  First I feel the mouse/button bar is lacking something., not as easy to use as others.  I do like the multi gestures feature of the touch pad.  I like the 17.3" display but I had no idea there were laptops classed as "desktop replacement" and this laptop is a bit bulky & heavy in regards to taking it with you.The speakers & sound on this laptop are great! It also has a built in webcam which in my opinion Is a great feature.  The laptop also has the LED backlight feature & honestly I have no clue what that does for me, lol. Most computers and/or laptops have memory card readers & I would not purchase a laptop without it. I like the placement of the card reader on this computer & also has an insert so dust & such does not get into it while not using the card reader.Overall I love this laptop & have had no performance issues at all. Added to the pros the price was right for this laptop.  

Colonial Heights, VA


Gateway Notebook PC

4.0 2