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Gateway Notebook PC

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High Definition, High performance, widescreen laptop!!!


The Gateway MC7833u laptop is my third laptop and it is by far the BEST!! I am a college student and this laptop is great for school and just for fun. Watching movies on this laptop is a blast! The screen is very clear and the pictures show up as if they're in High Definition. Another great thing about this laptop is the illuminated media buttons on the side of the keyboard. It's very convenient because I can use those controls to control the volume, pause/play/stop/rewind/fast forward my music without going to my media player and leaving the screen that I'm on. This laptop is SUPER fast and gives no technical problems. It doesn;t slow down when you have many applications running at the same time. It is very easy to navigate and customize. It comes equipped with wallpapers and screen savers so that you can personalize your laptop to match your personality. There are also a bunch of fun games like Solitare, Spider Solitare, Mahjong Titan, Chess Titans, Inkball, and many more.

Orlando, FL


I would never buy Gateway again.


This laptop, along with the lower model Gateway I had originally purchased, both had the same major flaw.  When pressing the arrow keys, occasionally, not constantly, the letters C, B, and D would pop up on the screen!  The original laptop I sent back and it was taking a long time to fix it, so they sent me an upgrade, however a used upgrade, which was the mc7833u.  Then that one had the same problem. I sent it back to be fixed and got it back with a piece of paper saying it was fixed and tested thoroughly. But guess what? It was not fixed. Gateway has refused to give me a new laptop.

Bayside, NY


Gateway Notebook PC

3.0 2