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Gateway NV7919 Notebook PC

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Love my Gateway NV79...Love all my Gateways


This is my second Gateway, my first laptop. I love it, easy to use, easy to see, the screen is a wonderful size. One of the best things about Gateway is that they have awsome customer service, they have always been able to help me with my problems and they seem to care. I love the true number keypad, and the keyboard is larger than my Dell laptop keypad, so nice for my old fingers, more of a full size keypad. Great battery time. Comes with programs on it that are very useful with my online classes.

Donaldsonville, LA


great little note book


I love this notebook it is one I receive with Verizon's wireless. It does everything except if you want to use it for home base business. Most on-linebusiness require more gs and direct cable excess.  So I am a little disappointed  if I had known better I would have went with a home computer and cable. But in no way is that Gateways fault or Verizon, it was my in experience so do your home work when buying.

Stroudsburg, PA


This is a great Gateway Laptop, I couldn't be happier!


I purchased this laptop about 3 months ago and I couldn't be happier with it. I work full time and go to school part time and wanted something that would work well with my lifestyle. The computer is very fast and has some really great features. I am glad that it came with Windows 7. I mainly use it for school work but I have added several programs and quite a few pictures and I'm surprised that it hasn't slowed it down any at all. It seems to be very durable as well. I love that it has the side keyboard, this makes it a lot easier to key in numbers. I am also very impressed with the battery life. I can work on it for almost 3 hours without a problem. This is by far one of the longest lasting battery lifes in this price range. The toucvhpad has a really neat multi-gesture feature. It takes a little bit to get use to but once I got the hang of it I can't do without it! To sum everything up it's a great product and a great buy!

Sulphur Springs, TX


Simple to use and fast


This laptop is slim and very portable even though it has a screen larger than most laptops. The graphics are great whether you will use this laptop for games or watching online videos or DVDs. It has a large battery life and it allows you to work for about 2 and a half hours without havng to plug in and charge. It has a sleek design and i would recommed it to anyone interested in a versatile laptop.

Panorama City, CA


Gateway NV7919 Notebook PC

4.8 4