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Lt 2108
Gateway LT2108 Notebook PC

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Gateway LT2108U Netbook is perfect for on the go fun.


I was in the market for a new computer but I didn't want to spend a lot. If you are looking for a computer to use mostly online with some word processing this is for you. I fell in love with this netbook within minutes of taking it out of the box. It's a great size that fits comfortably on your lap, it does get a little warm  after a while but it is otherwise a comfortable fit. The battery life is great. How many computers do you know that get a full 8 hours of battery life? It's youthful and super cute. It has a link to Ebay and Netflix right on the screen so you can get right to them. It's only a matter of minutes to get this computer set up and you are good to go. It has a built in webcam, three usb ports and a built in memory card reader. It's very portable and easy to carry with excellent inexpensive accessories. There is not a lot of memory so you will want to have access to external memory device if you want to save files. There is also no cd rom drive so you will need an external device for that as well if you want to use dvds. Overall it is a great netbook perfect for someone on the go who wants to use hook up to wifi to surf or watch online shows and movies.

New Sharon, ME


Gateway LT2108 Notebook PC

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