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LT2032U, LT2030U
Gateway LT2032/LT2030 Notebook PC

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WOW The battery is awesome!


When the netbooks first began coming out, my husband and I discussed getting a netbook for him.  We went to the store and, after looking at them, ended up getting a netbook for me!  It really wasn't for him, but it is perfect for me. I am a blogger by hobby and a trainer by trade; I use my computer mostly to blog and to present.  On the bogger front, this is perfect for me. It allows me to write my blogs anywhere and is lightweight so I can easily carry it around.  The keys are very easy to type on and I never really had a problem getting used to typing on the keyboard. By trade, as a trainer, I LOVE the lightweight smallness of this computer.  It is so nice to go into a presentation and not have to lug around a heavy laptop.  It holds all my information right on it and it's literally a matter of open, power on, and plug it into the projector! So, why the Gateway and not any of the other netbooks out there?  Well, honestly, the first thing that got me was the color.  I knew that I would also be using this computer in my kitchen while looking at recipes which has a Coke theme and the red laptop would go perfectly in there! However, as I was looking at the information on all the netbooks, what sold me was that the battery life claims to be 8 hours!!!  All the others were claiming 3.5 to 4 hours.  I never expected to get a full 8 hours on the battery life, however, I was most impressed when it lasted well over 8 hours on my first trial on the battery life. I then put it to a full test.  I charged it completely up and ran it straight until it wore out.  I ran it while watching movies online, blogging, emailing, surfing the internet, downloading onto an external drive, and most of the times several things at once.  The battery STILL lasted close to 8 hours! It is so nice, when doing presentations, to know that I don't have to worry even about plugging in the computer.  None of my presentations last 8 hours, so I know, as long as I fully charge it before the presentation, that the only thing I need to bring with me is this very lightweight, very small, netbook.  The screen is small, but that's what you get for any netbook computer and it really hasn't been a problem for me.  It is very easy to work with.  I work this computer to the bone; often times running several programs at a time (something not recommended for netbooks as it tends to slow them down) with no problems. I have had this computer for nearly a year now and am still very happy with it!  I use it on a daily basis, and often throughout the entire day. I would highly recommend anyone get Gateway netbook computer; the battery life alone is worth it...but the power and versatility of it just adds more!

Lakeside, CA


Gatway Netbook LT2030 is a nice compact way to stay connected!


I have had my Gateway Netbook for about 6 months.  I would give it an very good rating.  The smaller size screen took a little getting used to, but once I did, it was fine.   I wanted a PC I could take with me so I could make use of my time spent waiting in car pool lines and waiting for little league practices.  This Gateway Netbook allows me to do that.  The size is just perfect for storing in my purse or a totebag.   I use an on-line calandar and note taker, and this Netbook makes it so easy for me to use wherever I am.  It is also the perfect size to download and ereader to and still feel like you are reading a book.  I use my Gateway for checking email/facebook, but also for our business.  I have a fair amount of files loaded on my netbook and have plently of memory.  In the 6 months I have had the pc, I have not had any issues with any of the functions.  The Gateway was such a good product that we bought the  larger laptop for my son.  Overall, it is a great tool.  The only negative would be that the smaller screen is sometimes cumbersome to manuever around -- but that is something you would expect from any netbook size PC.  In conclusion, the price was fair, the products functionality is great, the ease of use is wonderful.  I am glad I purchased this product.

Mckinney, TX


This is my 3rd and best netbook so far!


This Gateway 10.1 inch netbook is sleek and shiny. It is very easy to carry into the airport in a regular bag and place in a separate bin at the last minute during security. The battery life is very impressive, too! This is great for email, checking your games on Facebook, or instant messaging if you still do that. The only problem I have had with it so far is operator error! I tend to place my fingers on the keyboard wrong and type everything exactly one letter off. If you wear glasses, you may find yourself squinting at it like any other netboook. It outperforms two other brands I have used, including one that was very popular with Home Shopping Network. The other netbooks had frequent error messages and difficulty with standard windows OS updates. But NOT the Gateway! It handles its regular chores with ease. You can expect faster surfing than you thought possible with a netbook. Compact portability and battery life alone are great reasons to own one. And if your "real" computer crashes, this is a lifesaver. Now, if I can just demystify that memory stick. . .

Charlotte, NC


Great netbook for the price.


I owned a sony vaio 15in laptop before I got this one as a Christmas present. I guess that I won't have much to complain about since getting this as a gift. But I do still have to put in my say for those of you out there looking to get a netbook. Some things that I was pretty skeptic about this thing was the size of its screen and keyboard. I was certainly not used to "downgrading" to a smaller platform, but it wasn't so bad. I do a lot of typing up documents and there is a slight difference in how a document is viewed on this netbook than on my old 15in laptop. There was a lot of scrolling up and down on the document since I couldn't view it in its entirety on the netbook. But I think this is a good basic netbook to start out with and I love the fact that it is so portable. It is pretty lightweight and has great battery life. I even saw verizon wireless promote this netbook in their ad when you bought their wireless card. Overall, it serves the job well in surfing the web and processing of windows.

Loma Linda, CA


Gateway LT2032/LT2030 Notebook PC

4.3 4