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Gateway LT2016 Netbook PC

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I love my Gateway Netbook!


A great buy! I sometimes forget it is a netbook! LOVE IT!! My husband bought this for me so i can keep connected on the road. I can't think of one thing I don't like about it. I use it for documents, pictures, and most of all internet for social networking.

Pasadena, TX


I love this computer so much frreedom!


I love this computer. I never realized how stuck to the house I felt when I used my desktop only, but not anymore. I love that it connects anywhere I go. I love that it is lightweight. I can carry it in my purse! I love everything about it. It is the best computer I have ever had including my desktop. I will never be chained to a computer again!

El Paso, TX


gateway netbook good for the money


Pros~this netbook is very lightweight. It weighs less than 2 pounds I believe. It was only 29.99 with a two year contract through Verizion, so the price is excellent. I'm not sure exactly how much RAM it has, but it seems to have plenty so far. It came pre-installed with a 60 day free trial of Norton internet protection and a 60 day free trial of Microsoft Office 2007. It has a built in webcam, which i like. The battery seems to stay charged for a while. The most I used it without plugging it up was about 2 hours and there was still some battery power left. It also has built in speakers. they do not get too loud, but it's better than I expected with it being as small as it is. Cons~It does not have a disk drive, so if you need to install something, you are going to a have to do it from the internet, or buy an external disk drive. It also is kind of hard to see the screen, but that's to be expected as small as it is. It doesn't come with a car charger, which would be nice since it is supposed to be portable. I would recommend this computer for someone on a budget that doesn't really need the computer for anything more than entertainment.

Laurel, MS


Gateway LT2016 Netbook PC

4.0 3