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Gateway LP1925 LCD Monitor

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Gateway Monitor with Modern Styling


I love the size and clarity of this monitor. It also does not take up much desktop space. Easy to dust and clean the screen. Very happy with the overall quality and would consider buying this brand again. Display Quality Excellent display quality, looks like HD. The picture is crisp and clear. You can easily wipe the screen clean with the electronic screen wipes if you get fingerprints on it. Compatibility The compatibility of this monitor is great. You need to be sure that your computer can handle a large screen though. The stand takes up very little space on you desktop. Ease of Use Couldn't be easier to plug in and set up. Not complicated at all. The instruction booklet will tell you all you need to know.

Spring Hill, FL




It does have a great vivid pitcure. I recently had a problem with it's anti theft device, which all one needs to get by, is to reboot the pc. I was forced to use their "tech online" service just to register. They only allow full pc combo's to be registered online. There was NO place to register anything else of gateway's. Not their monitors, printer's etc.. After that was over, the registration; ( and after e-mails, and more for help getting registered) I wanted the device driver for my new monitor. I was told be the snoty clerk that I would have to go to paid tech support to get the device driver that shoud have came with the monitor. I can not find the monitor's device driver for download, and I should not be forced to PAY for the driver download. By not including the driver with the monitor, and forcing me to either go without, which I will do, or pay a highway robbery fee to get the driver that will make it work perfectly. Compaq and HP never did that, and it is somewhat easy to find the driver needed on their web site. why do these new robber barrons of the high tech age need my nickles and dimes when I could have been a satisfied customer and buy more from them. No they had to go and deny me the best service from their product, unless I paid more for what I had already paid full price for. I will never ever buy from gateway again. This part is about a year older. The monitordoes have "screen flicker" flashing; then it is fading to black, then when it comes back ; some parts of the screen come back in black. I asked microsoft about thins and they said get the right device driver. Gateway told me that any generic device driver would do, and would not let me download a driver. IM about to replace this HD monitor with the older ray tube one,. Also, because I only bought the monitor, and not a complete pc system, theydid not wallow me to registeer this piece of manure at first. I hope THAT Gateway finds the gateway to oblivion!!!!!!!!

Springfield, MO


Gateway LP1925 LCD Monitor

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