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Gateway DX4200 PC desktop computer

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Just bought my gateway dx-4200 and love it!


My Gateway DX-4200 is fantastic. I am not greatly skilled at using computers, but the set up and installation was so easy.  It is so much faster than my previous computer, which was an HP desktop.  Gateway made it easy for me to set up automatic updates for both windows and my virus protection.  There was a free trial period for the Norton software.  I was able to figure out that I dont like that software without having to pay to try it out.  Its back to McAffee for me.  Not only is this computer faster, but the graphics are better as well. I dont rent or buy games, but I play them online and have never had to worry about slowing down the game for everybody else. I know some of that has to to do with my cable modem.  But my last computer was giving me enough problems that it slowed everything down.;  Too many times I would have software freeze on me.  This has not happened once in the 2 months that I have owned this gateway.

Urbandale, IA


Gateway is horrible for customer support.


We purchased a Gateway DX4200 Desktop computer.  We had some issues about 7 months after purchase, contaced Gateway and nothing was done.  Then the harddrive crashed.  The computer was 9 months into the one year warranty. We took it to The Geek Squad, who sent it to Gateway since is was still under warranty. They replaced the harddrive, sent it back and we were informed that we needed the restore disk.  I contacted Gateway and was informed that not only did they have no record of our computer (even though they just repaired it) but it was no longer under warranty.  After several calls and faxes with proof of purchase, we were then told that the disk could only be purchased through them as it is not covered under the one year warranty.  So, we now have to pay to have a disk shipped to us in order to get our computer working again. My guess is that this situation could have been prevented if they dealt with the original issues.  As a side note, it took between 5 - 10 minutes just to get past the computerized phone system to get a real person. This happened every time I called!   And then the rep could barely speak English, sounded robotic and would not listen to what I had to say.  I would never buy another Gateway product.  Their service is horrible. 

Barrington, NH


Gateway DX4200 PC desktop computer

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