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Garnier Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream

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Defy time and gravity....


Garnier is a product that has developed from hair color to skin care products.  I have tried their product and they should stay in the hair color business.  Garnier facial creams for anti-ageing are not as good as other products on the market.   The results vary and are very limited and not noticed much by other women.  More natural products might help and represent what Garnier is supposed to represent.

New York, NY


i love my life


is an amazing products as it tighten your face , helps you looks younger. I used it every night when I wake up I wash my face I can see the effect my face glowing . I have quite a bit of wrinkles on my forehead and it helps a lot on my face. My wrinkles slowly gone and this kind of Garnier age defying lotion  helps remove my dead skin and stopping the acne and removing also blacheads naturally without me doing a lot of work. One ingredient of it  is making my face so smooth , I coundn't belive it .Myface sometimes is so dry that's my problem but this one helps me out to combat it , I've been using this firming cream for about four weeks now and even my husband really noticing the change s on my face. More better to apply every night on it and put enough on you face if your face looks dry and lonely. I would reccomend this since it  is proven fact this one really works even so pricey it is . It is really worthed.    

Junction City, KS


Garnier Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream

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