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Garnier Fructis
Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector

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Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector

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Finally a product that does what it says!

I have curly/wavy hair and it takes me a really long time to blow dry it straight.  Then when I do spend the 45 minutes to blow itout, I dread the...Read complete review

I have curly/wavy hair and it takes me a really long time to blow dry it straight.  Then when I do spend the 45 minutes to blow itout, I dread the hought of washing my hair and repeating the process all over again!  I tried the blow dry pefector by Garnier Fructis and I am absolutely loving my hair.

First step is to wash your hair and towel dry, then apply the smooth-it serum (with gloves on). Let the serum set for 20 minutes.  After you rinse it out with luke-warm water you apply the perfect-i cream, the blow dry.  You can also let your hair air dry if you would like, although the perfect-it serum is activated by heat.

It says you can have a great blow out for up to 7 washes! 7 washes is such a long time, and if you are like me and only wash your hair every other day, you will have silky smooth hair for 2 weeks!

I say give it a try.  I am loving my hair right now!


Most Liked Negative Review


Garnier Fructis blow dry perfector NOT my cup of tea

Hi Everyone

you all know I really hate to write anything a bit less than a positive review but Im going to have to make an exception with this product I got to...Read complete review

Hi Everyone

you all know I really hate to write anything a bit less than a positive review but Im going to have to make an exception with this product I got to try through bzz agent . Its the new Garnier fructis blow dry perfector . This product states that it will keep your hair sleek and shinny through 7 shampoos and cut blow drying time down.

what I found out is

Yes it does seem to cut down in drying time and for the first 3 shampoos seems to help a bit with frizz but no more than a styling aid for this problem .

On the bad side its really messy and smells just really really bad and you hair will continue to smell like you just got a perm for a week after applying it no matter what kind of shampoo you use .

I also found out that the cream heat activator you put on after doing the other 20 min treatment was supper hard to work with . I had finished the first part and than applied the heat activating cream and tried to blow dry my hair . The first time was really really hard to get your hair to dry out because the amount of product you have to use made my hair sticky and stiff . After finely getting it as dry as I could I ended up washing it again just to stop it from feeling stiff and sticky . The second blow dry session did go much quicker .

BUT The very worst thing about is I lost about 50 % of my color ! Now this may not be a problem if you use a very perminate color but I sometimes use a semi perminate in between full colors in order to keep damage down when just doing roots ,otherwise I use perfect 10 perminate color  . At the time I tried the blow dry perfector  I had colored my roots and greys with a semi perminate color about 2 weeks before doing this campaign . This product took most of the semi perminate out and dulled up what was left of my perminate color on the longer parts . I could see streaks of grey in my hair that I have not seen in years , so I was very unhappy . now I have to wait 4 weeks to do any color on my hair so that makes me really unhappy .

That all being said if you are younger and do not color your hair and can stand the smell this product may be for you BUT I did not see that the effects lasted as long as stated through 7 shampoos . I got maybe 3 out of it but was to unhappy with the smell and loss of color to go out of my way to recommend it ,

thanks for reading my review !

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Did not make my hair perfection!


from Sneads Ferry, NC

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

I have very thick and frizzy Hispanic hair and I am always looking for new products to tame my hair so I was excited to try Garnier Fructis blow dry perfecter because it claims to make your hair smooth and sleek during the blow drying process. I would have loved this product if it actually worked but it didn't! I normally love Garnier products but this one was not up to par.
The application process of this product was easy enough. It was easy to work into my hair although it did not smell very pleasant. Then I blow dried it as usual with a round brush and blowing hot air downwards to prevent flyaways or too much body. It took me the usual amount of time to blow dry but I saw absolutely no results. It didn't make my hair any more smooth or sleek or perfect then normal. I still had to flat iron my hair afterwards which was I was hoping to cut down on when I started using this product. Unfortunately I lost only 2 bucks for this product and would not recommend it to anyone.


Beware- 20 minutes to damaged hair!


from Upland, CA

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

If there were negative number ratings I still couldn't find one low enough to rate this product.
I finally discovered the beauty and shine a flat iron ( I'm a late bloomer) could bring to my straight hair. What a difference between 'leaving it straight' and 'straightening' , right?! As wonderful it was to have my hair still look smooth as if just brushed as the day went on, there was a point when it typically started to separate and not look so fresh anymore.
So, in the interest of keeping the smooth shiny look longer plus minimizing the heat placed on my hair I went looking for an extended result straightening product.
I have a love it or it's okay relationship with Garnier. Never hated or disliked their line until now. Since I knew the product name better than the others on the shelf and I falsely believed since it was a more common everyday name brand it wouldn't be too harsh and either would work well or not at all.
So I purchased the Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfection - supposedly lasts up to 7 days. I'm getting ready to use it, thrilled and anxious to get through the process so I can see the beautiful results. Reading the instructions,I read "it is normal for the serum to have an odour. This is because the serum contains active ingredients." I didn't expect the gut wrenching bile inducing smell that perforated my shower and bathroom as I removed the cap. I wanted to give up right then, but positive thinking had me figuring that maybe the smell was worth dealing with because it gives great results? I wish.
After the 20 minutes I rinsed. My hair felt like straw. Like dirty damp straw. Put in the activate perfect, and my hair turned from straw to wet noodles.
Let me state that while I color my hair, it wasn't damaged. I don't bleach, and lye has never been used. I haven't used products other than shampoo, conditioner and gloss for more than 2 weeks.
My bangs were freshly cut- just perfect length- after using Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfection, the ends look fried and I'm afraid if I brush them with anything other than my fingers, those ends are gonna break off and I'm going to look like a kindergartner who played with scissors. And my forehead isn't one that can be bang-less! My hair is so fried and feels disgusting. This product should be pulled off the shelves. I read the warnings and didn't fall into the did not use category.
I have a new warning label to offer: Do not use if you have fine hair. Do not use if you aren't willing to lose about an inch and a half or more to breakage. Just don't use this product.


Definitely not worth it.


from Undisclosed

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

I did not like this product. I have medium length and medium thickness hair that has a slight wave to it. It gets slightly frizzy, but it isn't too hard to manage most of the time. I bought this to make things easier on myself. However, it left my hair feeling really weird. It was not soft at all, almost stiff feeling. I would say that it left a residue behind on my hair that made it feel crunchy almost. It's really hard to describe. This is probably the worst thing I've ever put on my hair and I've tried many products. It does NOT do what it claims to do, at least not for my hair. It didn't even do what it claims to do for one day, let alone the seven days the box brags about. I was really disappointed because I thought it would be great to have seven days worth of shiny and smooth hair. Please don't waste your money on this product. You don't want to be leaving a bad review for it after you use it!!

(9 of 10 customers found this review helpful)




from Columbus, OH

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

I bought this product this week and used it on my fine color treated hair.  It smells awful and the results are even worse.  My hair feels dry, like straw and the amount of hair that has broken off is unbelievable.  Every end on my hair is fuzzy and I will need to go to a salon to get a serious hair cut.  Not happy as I have been growing my hair out.  WHAT EVER YOU DO.....DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.  I have emailed the manufacturer and told them about my problem and I will be sending them all my broken hair to analyse.  I will also blog, facebook, twitter, etc about how terrible this product is.  I will write to every magazine, etc....this product needs to be taken off the market.  Read everyone elses comments.  I am not alone. 


Worst Ever !


from USA

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

Do not use this on your hair, I have very curly hair and wanted to tame down the frizz, my hair is all the way to my mid back. My hair began to fall off in chuncks, horrible handfuls of broken hair. I had beautiful hair, always soft and healthy. I look like a dried broom now. There should be legal damages that I can claim for what this product did to my beautiful hair !


So far so good!


from Pittsburgh, PA

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

I just did this process 3 days ago, so far I like it. My hair is definatly streighter, and easier to flat iron smooth, maybe slightly frizzier than before but smooths easily with the flat iron and a ittle fat iron spray. The first process does have a strong smell like an 80's perm, and you can smell traces of it for the first couple days. My hair is slightly drier than it was before, but other than that, no complaints so far!


Will destroy your hair!!!


from Virginia Beach, VA

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

I am extremely dissapointed about this :( I followed the directions exactly and my hair was seemlesley healthy- just had a hair cut less than 2 weeks ago. After rinsing the product out of my hair I could feel immediately that something was wrong- I only got to blow dry my root area because attempting to comb the hair and my hair would fall out. I had to call the salon and get an emergency visit!! Went in w/in 40 mins of using the product and had to get moisture put back in and 3 inches cut off!! The hair seemed ok when I left the salon- no where near healthy but I thought it would make it. After 4 shampoos now the hair has gotten worse and worse! I had to have 4 1/2 inches cut off my bangs because they were gumming up. I also have another hair appt on Friday where I know I have to get more hair cut off and deep conditioning. I'm so upset :(. Needless to say I called garnier and was shocked that the very first thing out of the automated system is "If you have used our blow dry perfector please press 1". I just thought ughh there is an issue with this product.

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Use this if you want straight stinky hair


from Ashland, VA

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

As someone with frizzy hair, I was excited about getting to try this product free through Bzz Agent. I am a busy mom of four even blow drying is a luxury, but for a product that claims seven days of straight hair it seemed worth it. Now, I love the smell of Garnier products and was horrified to find that the first tube I opened smelled like poison. I was hesitant to apply it since I currently breastfeed but did my best to not get any on my scalp and thouroughly wash my hands. I couldn't believe how sting the fumes were. It actually burned my eyes!

Another thing that bothered me is that this had to be left on for 20 minutes. As I said before as a busy mom, I don't have a lot of time to spend on my hair as it is. So the waiting plus the odor was a complete downer right away. I couldn't wait until I could rinse the stink off. Again, I just told myself it was worth having great hair for a solid week. I noticed as I washed it out that my hair was not agreeing with the chemicals. It felt dry and straw like and I became concerned. This was not what I had anticipated. The second tube smelled a lot better and did help ease the "strawy-ness" of my hair.

So after the whole ordeal did I get the seven days of fantastic hair? Heck no! It was straighter but it was not smooth and pretty as I had foolishly believed. It was poofy, stinky, dead and straight. It didn't even really last through seven washes but the chemical smell did. Needless to say I do not reccommend this!

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from Young America, MN

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

Do NOT purchase this!!! I have NEVER smelled anything quite like this! When they say "lasts up to 7 shampoos," they are talking about the smell, not the results! I put this in my hair last night, and the sealing cream left my hair all heavy and kinda greasy (I may have used too much), but the worst part was the smell! After blow drying it and straightening it like the instructions said, I washed it FIVE TIMES. Then I washed it first thing this morning, and it STILL stinks! I have wavy, thick hair, and if I blow dry/straighten my hair after using this product, it is definitely straighter and smoother, but it looks and feels a whole lot less healthy. After washing it all night last night, I didn't bother with drying it because I knew I would wash it again this morning, and with no blow drying/straightening, it looked MUCH frizzier than it usually does...probably because it fried and/or dried out my hair. DO NOT USE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WARNING: Do not use Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector!


from Appleton, WI

Comments about Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector:

Of all products I have used I would have to say this is one product that should have never hit the store shelves in the first place.

The claim is that you can smoth this product and have soft, flowing straight hair for 7 days.  At first I thought this would be a cool idea since I have baby fine curly hair.

 I had been growing my hair for a year and it was finally growing past my shoulders.  I conditioned and didn't blow dry my hair at all.  It was in great condition. The box does note  it you have split ends or your hair is not in perfect condition to not use the product at all.  I was stupid to use it at all.

As soon as I opened the first bottle I noticed a smell that I knew from when I works in salons. It had a perm smell to it and that should have told me right away not to use it. I followed the directions to the letter. Timed it per directions and rinsed very, very well.  At first after I blow dried my hair for the first time my hair felt so smooth and soft and had a great shine to it.  The next morning I didn't wash it and noticed my hair seemed dry.  I thought well I can condition it tomorrow, should be fine...Yeah, WRONG! Day two with this product in my hair my hair was beyond fried. I was starting to freak out because I was to meet up with my old neighborhood friends that I haven't seen in years. Day three, the day of the meet up and my hair was toast.  Dry cotton candy. I ended up buying a hat to hide my hair. 

When I got home there was nothing else I could do, but to cut it.  At first I just cut and inch off all over and thought that should do the trick.  NOPE, I ended up cutting about three inches off all over and I was back to very short hair.

It said if you want your hair to be curly, to just let it air dry and that didn't work. No natural curls to be found.  It also said it would just last for seven days.  NOPE! Four months later I just started to see my curls back. 

This is a horrible product and if you are thinking about giving it a try...put it back on the shelf and be happy with what you have.  Use a flat iron if you want straight hair for the day. 

**Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector **should **not**  be used and should not  be sold at all in my eyes. If I could give them a negative 5 stars I would.  

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