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Garmin nuvi 1390 1390T 1390LMT Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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Garmin GPS are the best


Its a great GPS unit.  I think Garmin's beat out TomTom's anyday.  It's less confusing and has friendly user interface.  The maps are easy to look at and follow when following directions.  I would definitely recommend it.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ


Download the squirrel!


The Garmin Nuvi 1390 LMT is a good GPS. The features we use are the Bluetooth, the ecoroute and just the regular GPS part. The regular GPS part is awesome! The find satellite time is great. It is virtually non-existant! The calculation time is like nothing! Its great when it takes less than a second to recalculate as sometimes you need to make a turn before its done recalculating on other GPSs. I have not tried the battery life on it but its good. I did get lost following its directions once as it took me down some alley that didn't exist. No problems other than that. The EcoRoute is kind of weird. It doesn't really do a great job of estimating your MPG so it takes you down terrible routes...like through towns with lots of traffic lights. When I use the fuel economy thing, it really doesn't give a good estimation. I'd like to get the HD connection for it which connects to the OSB-II connection and would repeat airflow as a function of the gas used/miles. That's another 99 bucks I don't want to spend on it. The "rating" system on the eco route is pretty okay. If you put in a bad MPG, the whole thing seems to explode over 45 mph though. The Bluetooth works well and has good voice clarity!

Monongahela, PA


This GPS is awesome!


I LOVE this GPS! There is no comparison compared to my old Nextar GPS, this is a million times better! First things first, lifetime map updates can't be beat. We recently moved near the twin cities, and everything is too new for the maps in our old GPS. I tried to update the maps on that one, and there aren't even map updates availalbe whatsoever; not even to buy. That GPS is completely useless here! This GPS however has never gotten me lost once around here. It finds all of my destinations with ease, and I really like the points of interest feature where you can spell out a destination, and it then shows you all of your options in order of what is closest to your current position. The battery lasts a long time and it is the perfect size. We updated the map right when we got it and that has been the only update we have done so far, but like I said it hasn't *not* been able to find any desitnation yet. Another nice feature, especially around this area, is that it shows traffic delays and predicts the time it will take to get to your destination with the delay. My boyfriend also likes the bluetooth connectivity with his phone, so he can answer and talk through the GPS hands free. On the freeway it's kind of hard to hear and you need to yell a bit, but it works good on regular roads. For me, a GPS is just needed to get you to where you need to go without getting you lost and frustrated, and this model does just the trick! I would definately recommend it to anyone, and with the map updates included, the price is great too!

Albertville, MN


Garmin nuvi 1390 1390T 1390LMT Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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