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Garmin eTrex Vista HCx Personal Navigator

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This Garmin eTrex is a nice little GPS unit


I've been using my Garmin eTrex Vista unit to track my rides when mountain biking. I have found it to work pretty well. I attach the unit to my back pack so that it gets unobstructed view. I did find though in several instances the unit turned off but I think the batteries came loose while going over some big bumps. The LCD display is ok but ou do you have to adjust it from the default settings. I like the altimeter view and the ability to record and save tracks. I use the enclosed software but have been experimenting with using Google Earth and Google maps. I am not able to import directly from the device to Google maps but that is not a big issue for me. I do find that it does take a while for the unit to acquire the satellites and that it can have some issues when ridiing in canyons but this is no worse than other portable units I have used. I like the size and weigh and the ability to use it with one hand, nice when riding.

Orinda, CA


The Etrex Vista HCx is a rugged and reliable handheld GPS


We bought the Vista HCx to replace my aging Vista original. The great updates to this version was the expandable memory(it takes micro SD cards), the higher resolution screen, and the improved sensitivity of the receiver.  The GPS has been great while backpacking, it has received signal better when tree's got thick overhead vs my old one, and it lock on quickly, usually within 1 min on a cold start(not used within ~10 hours) and a lock after 10 second on a warm start. This GPS also has routing capability if you have an appropriate map in the gps at the time. Though the routing ability is not as good as a dedicated car GPS. At least this one can leave the car and stay powered up for over 20 hours. The GPS is also great for use when Geocaching. With its electronic compass you do not have to move for the compass rose to be accurate. Also wit the barometric altimeter you are able to get close to where you want to be elevation wise easily.

Moriarty, NM


Garmin eTrex Vista HCx Personal Navigator

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